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SK (Sandie) Covey

Guns and The Law, or Not

Guns and The Law, or Not
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Published by The Deepening/SKCovey
Editorial regarding the Supreme Court Ruling and Guns association with anyone convicted of Domestic Violence/ Battery. Guns and The Law, or Not by SKCovey Guns and Domestic Violence and The Supreme Court Ruling Do we live by laws in our society today? As our Supreme Court rules on an individuals rights regarding the privilege to hold and have or use a Gun, when that individual has been found Guilty of a Domestic Violence Charge; it seems the majority of citizens care more than our representatives and those elected to office to protect us and enforce those laws. I speak from the actual experience of one who has voiced an opinion in the highest of places and the lowest of places. This opinion is in fact based on one individual who does carry a concealed weapon. Today, walks among us in a crowd and drives on our highways and goes in our movies and restaurants with the casual knowledge he will not be stopped. Just what if, this individual gets mad and has an attack of bad judgement, or lacks the ability to control himself in one of these places we frequent with our love ones and friends. He decides in a split second to pull that weapon and shoot to hurt, harm or kill anyone who opposes his opinion. I stand up and say, I have and will continue to contact and write about this and publish to all who could possibly be in harms way of another of these individuals who have been charged, convicted, sentenced and yet has the ability to obtain a gun. I speak not of a gun for hunting as a recreation, but a gun because an individual has anti-social behavior disorders which give them the ability to feel as a super power. I have lived with such and I have seen such a person who feels its okay and for whatever reason he is comfortable with, committing battery on a woman. In most domestic/family violence episodes where guns are involved, they tend to happen in a moment of passion or rage. Few people plan in advance to shoot their wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend or any other family member. Instead these social crimes are of an instant nature. Could the number of violent crimes against women/men be reduced significantly if the laws were upheld? I do not intend to be silent with regard to this matter. One simply has to visit a shelter for women and children escaping abuse, to feel the fear they live with every moment. Fear this person is going to find them, and kill them. These are serious times we live in. Our laws should be serious laws and those elected or hired to enforce these laws should take them serious. Look in the paper, turn on the television, and you will see everyday, how many families are destroyed by someone who in the past has previous history for domestic abuse. Guns are available to anyone who wants its bad enough, I know. But if we made it just alertly harder to legally obtain a gun, perhaps the numbers would change. Our laws dictate processes which should in all cases be followed. In all states in this country your background should be checked and rechecked. If you can not receive a permit legally in Louisiana, you certainly should not be able to go to Florida and get one. But in today’s society, this happens daily. I shall show you Louisiana Court Documents, which prove, without a doubt a person, has been charged, rightfully convicted, sentenced and common knowledge that his probation was dependent upon him not having a gun and attending mandatory Anger Management/Domestic Violence training. This individual carries today Legally, in the state of Louisiana a gun everywhere he goes. He has a concealed weapons permit legally, and a private investigators license issued by the state of Louisiana. As I attempt to educate these officials who have given him his permit and license to his true nature and the possibilities which exist with his personality, no one cares. With each and every turn, I am told, Its not our department; its not my job to enforce the laws; its not my job to check to see if this person has something in his background which makes illegal to carry a weapon; its not this department that cares; I just give the permit; I just give the license; its the State Police who issue and are responsible for finding and telling me to issue the license. Contact them! Surprise, no one cares there either. No one cares until someone gets killed. This is where it should begin. Someone should care, if for no other reason, than my tax dollars go to pay to insure that you care and do your job. We’ll just give another grant for another shelter to be built in order to protect those individual families from someone who looks upon this as a never ending problem and one of which is overwhelming the police. As a mother of one of those policemen who finds himself in harms way by going to the rescue of an individual who has cried out for help from that split second motion, I am appalled that my son or your son or your husband could be placed in such a vulnerable position, he never knows if the other party, the attacking party, has a gun. He does however know, if he has prior history of violence or a conviction on his record. Could it save my sons life if the laws were upheld by the states and the state men and above all by those who we trust to do their job. I fear for myself, my son, my daughter, your son, daughter, husband, any family member not just in our policing industry but in our families. This is where it should end, but will it? The documents are of simple public record open to anyone and everyone. I say nothing here that is not part of the opens records law. I will pray for the next woman or child or police officer found in harms way and pray that our government take serious action to deter these guns from getting legally into wrong hands. SK Covey VN:F [1.6.1_878] Like it? Rate it. Rating: 9.5/10 (2 votes cast) VN:F [1.6.1_878] Rating: +2 (from 2 votes)Category: CONTROVERSY & OPINION | 6 Comments
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