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Annette Dunlea Irish Author

The Honey Trap Novel

Published by AD Press
December 2008
ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-4092-7467-4
Abstract: Angelina, Ava and Felicity were three women with three very different lives. These beautiful women lived unknown to each other in different parts of Ireland. The three Irish celebrity wives dealt with sex, fame, dirty money, deceit and power. Angelina, a business woman, an IT librarian, Felicity an ex-actress and footballer’s wife and Ava, Ireland’s first supermodel, came together by accident and discovered they shared a secret. All married at one time to rich and powerful men until each in turn discovered a secret that devastated their worlds. Add to this cocktail a managing director, a professional Irish footballer and an entrepreneurial hairdresser to the rich and famous. Add a touch of greed and illicit secret dealings, spiced up with drugs and alcohol. What happens when love becomes hate? When you discover the best years of your life, whose kids you reared, whose house you kept has deceived you, you’re living a lie. Anger and revenge are the consequences and lives are devastated in the process. Travel the journey as three women discover that their soul mates and their marriages are a fallacy, a lie. It becomes a path of self - healing and self - rescue. Failure is not an option. Can anything be salvaged from this chaos? Keywords: sex, dirty money, love, rehab, hate, betrayal, revenge, Paradise Excerpts: “Geographically the island had dramatic coastline of secret coves and forests. It was surrounded by water of turquoise color and reef. It had rich, fertile lands and a very hot temperature all year round. All year the temperature averaged 105 degrees. It got a bit cooler at night but people could still sleep under the stars and sky. It had very little rainfall and no snow or frost. Temperatures dropped a little in the winter”. “It had pale golden sands and clear cloudless blue skies. Rich quantities of palm trees and exotic flowers in dramatic red and fuchsia pink and bright yellow colors enhanced the islands beauty. The gardens were decorated with white Balinese furniture and the Japanese rock gardens with mythical dragons, lions, dinosaurs, elephants, nymphs, and man beasts (half men and half beast) in concrete large statutes and red bridges over goldfish ponds. A large loch housed swans and pink flamingos.” “Like Felicity they methodically checked the house office, safe and family bank account details and financial affairs. Angelina then had Inspector Mick bug the boys' homes, cars and offices and with the information she acquired came knowledge and contacts. She wrote a programme called listen, it saved all conversations digitally and converted it to text into a computer file in a remote location not traceable to her or anybody at 3WW but it recorded all his illicit dealings and it gave her valuable information. She hacked into their individual MIS computer systems and sent spyware via e-mail called virus protection free download and once opened it went through their c drive, all files on their computers, and copied all files to a ip address of a remote computer of Angelina's request, in a phantom company named Borrow. All data was heavily encrypted and deleted after access and storage was onto an external hard drive storage box, deleting the electronic footpath. The spyware recorded their strokes on the keyboard and Angelina was able to secure even their banking pins and passwords and all their computer passwords. She had a brilliant computer mind, wasted in librarianship”. Public Reviews: Irish Sex In The City Like Charlie's Angels Irish Desperate Housewives
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