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ToneyS Wong


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Published by Aardvark Global Publishing co. llc
23 May 09
ISBN: 978-1-4276-4092-5
Some people would ask : “Why all of that new languages taking place all the time, did we not have Pidgins that evolved from Latin language anyway and we eventually have them become French German’s Italians English etc etc languages ?” The answer is, yes this is correct, but the reason why we always invent new languages is, because after a time, we tend to corrupt an original language to the point that it becomes difficult while their meanings and expressions become vague. Someone would then try to invent something so that it would be so easy that the world people will commonly use them. But the truth of the matter is, nobody has ever shaped a new language into such a way that it literally benefits the world so much that any one country exactly adopt the language, nor could that become an international language. My Super Language here is aiming at correcting all of the faults that we have had in original languages and in design flaws in new languages, and the goal is for it to be so useful that the world will automatically adopt to them, striking down political pressures ! Lets talk about political pressures. The one most difficulty too is being politic pressures in widespread popularity of a new language. Presently, English language is being used worldwide the most because of dominion of the English language speaking countries. With their powers and money, they would like to discourage any other language as a world language. This way, their money and heritage would be set at a high world level and thus, more of their cultures will be globally spread and thus more money will be made from global sources ! Again, let me reemphasize, because as soon as we would mention ‘New Language’, people would always relate to difficult sounds, difficult grammar, difficult vocabularies, all the tricky ways of ordinary French English German Russian and all of the other world languages. This granted view is not correct when you are facing me, because now we have a different breed of languages, one that is truly easy to learn, different from the packs because it was designed to have difficulties from all common existing languages, including all of the so called ‘Constructed Languages’, removed ! ! ! ! ! This is my personal promise to everyone in the world ! ! What we have here is literally a ‘Global Language’, not an international language. “International’ merely means that it is designed for more than one nation, ‘Global’ means all nations in the world ! K``F^9 (Pronounced in English “KUMFUT”, IS A COMFORT-LANGUAGE ! In fact, this is not merely another language, it is a completely different breed of communications tool. I therefore would like for it to be recognized as ‘K``f^9’, pronounced “Com-fut”, stands for ‘Communication Fondness and Records’ ! ‘Fondness’ means that we will always love our spoken communications because it is easy and pleasant, and ‘ut’ stands for ‘Records’, meaning, this communications tool also takes on an easy written form to serve as permanent records ! Love to all, ToneyS Wong.
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