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Ljiljana Maletin-Vojvodic

EVA MOISILOVICH (short story)

EVA MOISILOVICH (short story)
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Published by Fem Fest, Zagreb
EVA MOJSILOVICH The seventh day the Lord God made the woman from the dust of the ground, and blew into her nose the dust of life and she became a living being. And the Lord God planted the garden of Eden, in the east, and there settled the woman which he had made, to work and keep the garden of Eden. And, the Lord God put Eve into a deep sleep, and took from her one rib, filling the empty place with meat. And the Lord God made man from the rib which had taken from her, and brought him before her. And Eve said: "Here then the bone and the bone of my body! Let me give him a name: man!" And because of him, a woman will leave her father and mother and cling to her husband, and the two will become one! And they were both naked, Eve, and her husband, but they were not ashamed. And Adam? Well, Adam would, one day, unexpectedly, return home early from work. Although he was used, because of steady, and somehow a tacit agreement,to not entering the kitchen and also to not being involved in housework, this time, he was extremely hungry, but Eve was not in the house. Eve was at the market, and had just picked the most delicious piece of meat for her precious man. That's why Adam would enter into the prohibited kingdom of Eve's kitchen, open the fridge, and in it find one red apple which Eve, one week earlier had bought at the local Mega market "Wood knowledge and consumption." He will bite into it and also understand that he was caught in a midlife crisis and that Eve’s naked, but somehow languid body had, for a long time, been causing some kind of inexplicable shame. That moment is, indeed, the last moment to pack his suitcases and forever disappear from her life. Notes: This Short story was presented at the festival „Femfest“ 2006 , in Zagreb, Croatia,and incorporated into the project „Anti-trafficking Centre“, 2007, Belgrade, Serbia LILY M.
Contemporary , Fantasy , Literary , Short Story
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