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Dr. Harmander Singh


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Published by Lulu.com, Bhagouauty Prime Waves


In a troubled world—a world more troubled than I have ever witnessed in my sixty years of living—Dr. Harmander Singh’s writings remind me that it is possible to live with inner peace, even in this time of universal apprehension over a declining economy. A Media Consultant, Education Counselor, poet and author of fifteen books, Dr. Singh has dedicated his life to studying human nature. As a result of his in-depth studies, he sheds light on how the Law of Affinity versus the Law of Attraction.

Born into this world with nothing, we would not exist long without caregivers or parents. Without those who existed before us, now coexisting with us, feeding, sheltering, loving and protecting us, we would die. As Dr. Singh explains, the Law of Affinity is the natural need in all of us to coexist, live in harmony as we serve, nurture and love one another. As he further explains, the Law of Attraction—our human yet often unconscious desire for too much glitter, wealth and recognition can lead to our greed, which often causes us to despise our competitors and, diminishing our first instinct to coexist, can lead to war.

Although, when we think of war, we often think of young, wounded soldiers on bloody battlefields, Dr. Singh addresses the war of our spirits—the war of our inner selves where all wars begin. In addressing our inner wars, he shares from his research and personal experiences how we can heal ourselves by resorting back to the natural—who we were meant to be and how we were meant to live.

After meeting Dr. Singh, not in person but through his exceptional poetry while editing an anthology for the Canadian Federation of Poets for the Anthology of Birth, in which his poem The Glow of Birth will appear, I am impressed. Not only am I impressed by his insight into the human spirit but human behaviour.

Especially for those of you who are struggling to obtain inner peace in a discontented world, I recommend Dr. Singh’s newest book A Sensitive Peace Lover.

Christina Cowling Published Poet and Author of short stories, Editor
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