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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4


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Published by Mr Sajid Hussain PhD
Good morning and best wishes to all dear coleagues, right now i am going to share some words with all of you,which might be of someone's interest and may be not for someone but i do believe that on this Ecademy site its hard to find a single one who hate PEACE, its my ever first pos at my New York City Club, i want to request that if all of us getspare some moments from our daily schedule for PEACE PROMOTING EFFORTS, ibelieve taht our message of PEACE wil spread from East to West and from Nort to South, when i was in Kinder Garden class it was very hard for me to walk door to door for PEACE building measures but with my spirits i got my goal and after attaining pubirty i had completed 467 miles walking compain all alone, i went through the streets of each village,town,city and even provicial hub and had useful chats with peoples and local administration, i was committed to promote peace in N E W S, and that why today i have not even a singel penny in my personal kitty, but i have the hundred of thousends of million PEACE BUILDING MEASURES , may be you are not agrre with my sayings but it i s reality that i have disclosed before you, why because today i want to have your kind attention for this noble cause,please get spare some time despite your busy schedule and give your hundred persent attention for a minute everyday, its never impossible that we could nt made this world an ORCHARD, because in my oppinion in this cosmic world "one thing is possible that nothing is impossible" together we can create mirecal and can make neglected people's life pleasent and cool, they are from us and need our real attention and forgiveness, its over to all of you,its your turn. my hopes are alive and spirits sky high, Because i know that, "Peoples will throw stones in your path , so it depends on you that what you made from it , A "Wall" or A "Bridge" I AM DOING MY BEST IN THE FIELD OF JOURNALISM FOR ENTIRE HUMANITY, AND WISH TO SUCCEED MY ABILITIES FOR PEACE, LOVE TO SERVE IN CHALLENGING ENVIROMENT ANYWHERE ROUND THE GLOBE. MY AMBITIONS TO CREATE PEACEFUL AND AN INDEPENDENT PLACE,SUCH AS AN ORCHARD '' PEACEHOUSE '' FOR DESERVING AND NEGLECTED PEOPLES BY THIS WORLD, REGARDLES OF RELIGION , RACE ETHNICITY. ETC. Mr Sajid Hussain PhD in international Journalism, Young ''Investigative Journalist'' From Pakistan
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