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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4


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Published by Mr Sajid Hussain PhD
August, 30--2008
I WILL FEEL MUCH JOY IF THE PAKISTAN PARTIONED Below is the interview of Brahmdagh Bugti, the grandson of Akbar Bugti, known as the ‘Saddam Hussain of Balochistan’ for his cruelty and sadistic nature. Mr. Bugti Sr. was a smalltime village thug. He murdered his cousins, tortured his opponents and extorted the state. After the 2001 U.S. occupation of Afghanistan, the Americans and the Indians convinced him that they can help him become the king of an independent country after breaking up Pakistan. The Americans appear to have convinced him this was easy for them to do after occupying two big nations – Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Bugti, the village thug, bought the line. He recruited hundreds of poor Pakistanis in Balochistan to be brainwashed, trained, armed and financed in Afghanistan to launch a civil war inside Pakistan. He believed Indian and American promises so much so that he left his house and fled to the mountains to fight his own country and turned all pleas for settling matters peacefully. He didn’t know that Americans and Indians were simply using him to punish Pakistan. He was killed like a desert rat in a cave with a bunch of his terrorists. Today, we see the Pakistani media calling him a ‘nawabzada’, and a ‘shaheed’, when his grandson sits in Kabul as a guest of Hamid Karzai and plots the breakup of Pakistan. But, by Allah, they will not succeed. Please read this interview of terrorist Brahmdagh Bugti. This is a planted and a poisonous material, apparently the work of Indian consulates in Afghanistan. They have prepared this interview and paid someone in Pakistan to have it published and circulated. It is full of hatred for Pakistan and Pakistanis and is a deliberate attempt to spread confusion among Pakistanis. It has been carefully written to create sympathy and demoralize Pakistanis. The interview makes no mention about who is backing Brahmdagh Bugti and about how his terrorists have been photographed and videoed inside Afghanistan, under the protection of Karzai. But we know the facts and we know a traitor when we see one...... (ITS INDIAN STRATEGY AGAINST PAKISTAN)
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