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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4

''A Failed Media, Fake Democrats''

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Published by Mr Sajid Hussain PhD
''A Failed Media, Fake Democrats'' If there was even an iota of patriotism in the PPP, they would have shredded Benazir Bhutto’s royal will to pieces and would have elected an educated and capable party member to lead Pakistan’s People Party. Democracy and feudalism cannot go together. Both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari are actually dictators wearing cloaks of democracy to fool the nation. Oh, and please give a big hand to the Pakistani media for ‘achieving’ this perfect democracy for Pakistan and for biting the hand that fed it........... By Mr Sajid Hussain PhD. Investigative Journalist thursday, 28 August 2008. Overseas Desk::........................ We Pakistanis are about to make the biggest mistake of our lives. We think we are about to embark on a beautiful journey toward democracy where all our dreams of a better Pakistan will come true. But little do we know that this dream is only an illusion created by some opportunists aided by unfortunately none other than our very own media; the media which played the most pathetically vile role throughout the past year. By literally biting the very hand that fed it, it gave positive coverage to two of the most disloyal individuals Pakistan could let grow on her soil. And by spending millions on live coverage of their over-dramatic charades, the little bit of clarity of vision the nation was left with in order to differentiate the truth from falsehood, was completely erased from their sight. The media’s so-called freedom completely or maybe conveniently failed when it came to reminding the people of Pakistan what these present so-called heroes of democracy did to the country when they were in power before. Except for sucking all the blood out of Pakistan’s veins and leaving it crippled, the PPP and PML (N) really did not accomplish anything during the previous tenure of their leadership. How dare Zardari and Sharif come back acting like Pakistan’s saviors now? And how dare PPP call itself a democracy when their very leadership is nothing more than a family owned business, a throne shared between fathers and daughters and sons and now even husbands, no matter how ineligible and destructive they were and are as leaders. If there was even an iota of patriotism in PPP, they would have shredded the letter that BB is supposed to have written before her death and - after paying a sincere tribute to her - should have elected an educated and capable party member to lead Pakistan’s People Party instead of Zardari. I mean, please, have we all, especially PPP, forgotten the millions that were stolen out of our treasury just to feed the greed of Mr. Zardari’s materialistic whims? And are we so blind as to not see why he is back besides to multiply his wealth? Let me point out here the recent attempt to take the ISI out of the Military’s control. What or for whom do you think he wants to do that? And as for Mr. Sharif, well he should not gloat over his recent victory too soon and too much because not only is his victory sham but a very temporary one. He is just a pawn to be used and discarded by his partner in crime once ‘the job’ is done. I feel bad for him because he must be a little upset now that his new found best friend succeeds him by miles when it comes to being the thief of thieves. He probably didn’t realize that even he can have a rival that is hard to match when it comes to plundering our helpless country. Already $4 billion have gone unaccounted from the treasury in just four months. Also, Mr. Sharif must not forget that his vicious comments for the former President, claiming that he wants him hanged, only reveal his own character as a human being. I wonder what would have happened if the former President had used the same language eight years ago and plotted and ordered a similar fate for Mr. Sharif? Where would Nawaz be right now? Probably hanging in some photo frames in the huge family estates he built for himself from our pockets to live in forever and ever. Just like we claim that democracy and military uniform can’t go together, we need to admit that neither can democracy and feudalism. Both Sharif and Zardari are actually dictators wearing cloaks of democracy to fool the nation. I am just saddened by the fact that our nation cannot see through their garb. But then, like I said earlier, we should give a big hand to our ‘free’ media for achieving this sorry state. Let’s thank them for learning the word ‘democracy’ and before really knowing its essence, trying to do the nation a favor by making villains look like heroes and heroes, villains. And while we are at it, let’s also thank them for making the whole world rejoice at our country’s current state. They have succeeded in giving our internal and external enemies exactly what they have been dying for since the creation of Pakistan. Now these forces are free to do whatever they please to Pakistan. Much as I would like to lose all hope right now, I still pray from the depth of my soul that our nation wakes up and realizes where it is headed if it lets these pseudo-democrats/traitors rule our country and lets the ‘real’ democratic/patriotic leader slip away. Let’s just hope we don’t rise after the sun has set.. MAY PAKISTAN LIVE LONGER AND STRONGER (AAMEEN)
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