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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4

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August, ,17-2008
ISBN: Journalism
Zardari Govt Is A U.S. Puppet Regime, Anti-Chinese & Anti-Pakistan; It Must Go To all Pakistanis, this government is the fourth pillar of the Karzai-India-Washington axis. They are selling our homeland cheap. Nawaz Sharif is joining hands with the sellouts just to pursue a personal grudge. This government twice sabotaged Pakistani participation in Chinese Olympics, first in the Torch Relay ceremony and second time now by sabotaging the presidential visit. They have cut funding to our missile programs. This government is creating a fog of deception to waste Pakistani energies and stop us from paying attention to the larger American plan. An already weakened Musharraf is not the issue. Please foil the conspiracy............... By Mr Sajid Hussain PhD Investigative Journalist Monday, 11 August 2008................... Overseas Desk: <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>> The game is bigger than just impeachment. Itís stunning to see some of Pakistanís well known journalists and commentators consumed by an animalistic urge for revenge in a kindergarten game played on a national stage. This is a battle between an American-backed and supported government against the Pakistani military. President Musharraf did give the Americans some space. That was a mistake. But he did not hand over Dr. A. Q. Khan to Washington, he didnít send our troops to Iraq, he didnít agree to American plans for Iran and China. Had he said yes to just giving Americans access to Dr. Khan, they wouldnít have mobilized their international media and intelligence machinery to destabilize Pakistan and bring his downfall. If he resigns today, that is fine. But the problem is, patriotic and nationalist Pakistanis should know we cannot accept these sellouts as a replacement. Today a fog of deception is being created through political turmoil so that Pakistanis donít see the larger drama being played out to turn Pakistan into an Indian vassal state, with a limited military and no nuclear or strategic capabilities. Unfortunately, President Musharraf trusted the Americans too much. Today, it is evident they are fully backing the destabilization of Pakistan, domestically and regionally. The Zardari government, in a move unprecedented in Pakistanís modern history, continues to keep Beijing without a Pakistani Ambassador. The move comes under the advice of Husain Haqqani, a pro-U.S. Pakistani ambassador. The purpose is to wean Pakistan off China and firmly place Islamabad in an Indo-American orbit. At a crucial time for our Chinese allies, when they are observing the most important event of their modern history, no major Pakistani leader was in Beijing except a puppet prime minister and a 19-year-old PPP leader whose first major engagement there was meeting Sonia Gandhi even before meeting any Chinese official! This government has tried to sabotage the Pakistani support for Beijing Olympics twice this year. PM Gilani refused to attend the Torch Relay ceremony in Islamabad in March, for which China ignored the international Olympic committeeís recommendation not to include the Pakistani capital in the torch relay route. And now this government deliberately timed their impeachment decision to scuttle Pakistanís presidential visit to Beijing to attend the opening. They could have delayed the event for a couple of days out of respect for the Sino-Pakistani relationship. But for this puppet regime, ties with U.S. are more important. This government has effectively joined the Karzai-India-Washington campaign against ISI and Pak military. When Karzai and New Delhi accused the ISI, this puppet regime wasted no time and promptly moved to turn our main spy agency into another domestic crime fighting department. This government has reportedly cut funding for Strategic Plans Division (SPD), ensuring that SPD canít spend on research & development for our strategic programs or hire topnotch Pakistani engineers from the market. Obviously, the move is not meant to boost Pakistanís defense capabilities. Now Mr. Zardari has told Londonís Sunday Times that he wants to investigate where President Musharraf spent U.S. $ 700 million paid to Pakistan and that he thinks the money was paid to ISI. What a joke. Should the President had paid this money to Indiaís RAW maybe? Or maybe to thieves like he and Rehman Malik? Where would a patriotic Pakistani president spend that money if not on our own defense? And we are free to spend our money the way we deem appropriate. Who is Mr. Zardari or his masters in Washington to dictate how we spend our money? The problem, again, is ISI. The PPP government is clearly implementing a foreign agenda that is directly in conflict with Pakistanís interests. The main characters in this government are heavily indebted to Washington and London, including Zardari, Rehman Malik, Husain Haqqani, and Durrani. The NRO was an American and British creation first and foremost. At a time when Pakistani security officials have confirmed that most weapons seized from terrorists in northern and western Pakistan are Indian-made, the Zardari government decides to pick up a dirty fight with the Pakistani military on American prodding. This government is also not appreciating the findings of Pakistani security officials that U.S. itself has been supporting terrorism inside Pakistan to destabilize the country. U.S. Army chief Mike Mullen has been clear told so by Pakistani president and military leadership. By supporting this shady, U.S.-imposed government, Nawaz Sharif is committing the second biggest blunder of his career, after the first blunder of trying to hijack a Pakistani army chief and deliver him to India. This government is creating a fog of deception to waste Pakistani energies and stop us from paying attention to the larger American plan. - What Can Musharraf Do? President Musharraf has two potent weapons in his hand, and a third secret one. The two potent weapons are the ability to dismiss the govt. and revoke the NRO. In fact, this is a golden opportunity for President Musharraf to revoke this shameful law. Zardari and the Americans have not only not kept their side of the deal, but the U.S. is actively supporting all the anti-Pakistan activities from Afghanistan. If President Musharraf revokes the NRO, he will instantly redeem a large part of his image in the eyes of ordinary Pakistanis who are sickened by this charade taking place in Islamabad today. If the President goes for dismissing this Ďanti-Pakistan and U.S.-puppet governmentí, he will have to revoke the NRO at the same time. This will absorb some of the possible public reaction since Pakistanis are disturbed at allowing this strange group of shady characters into Pakistani politics in the first place. The third secret weapon that the President continues to wield is his UNRIVALED ability to talk to the right people in the Pakistani armed forces. He retains his contacts in the military and with its chief. Whether he stays or resigns, Musharraf can and should convince the military to do what needs to be done: A complete reform Pakistani politics and the Pakistani political system. The President has lost credibility on this count once before, but the military and all patriotic Pakistanis can see how our democracy has been bought wholesale by our enemies and are using it now to destroy Pakistani from within. They use the Indian democracy to give maximum benefit to India [like they did in the nuclear deal], and use the Pakistani democracy as an instrument to destabilize our nation. It is time for the Pakistani military to step in. This does not necessarily mean a military government. Capable, clean and honest Pakistani professionals are available everywhere. They will better protect Pakistanís interest as compared to these sellouts. The military and President Musharraf must muster the courage to firmly end foreign interference in Pakistani affairs. Period. We in Pakistan will do what is in our interest and we should not care what Washington think, and we should proactively explain this to the world [Please appoint fresh and new faces to do this job. No more old-style information ministers.] It will suit Pakistan that the military steps in but leaves the faÁade of the government in civilian hands. Let there be a pro-Pakistan civilian chief executive replacing this failed democratic experiment. Patriotic and nationalist Pakistanis, including those among the politicians who might still be honest and clean, should support any move that is good for Pakistan. The notions of democracy and elections should take a backseat now in favor of a concerted fight against foreign US.-, Karzai- and Indian-trained terrorists wreaking havoc in Balochistan and NWFP, and then pay attention to the economy and to recovering Pakistani prestige. Politicians who are supporting the President and the military must tell Pakistanis what is going on in and around Pakistan. They should tell Pakistanis that our military must take a step forward for Pakistanís supreme national interest. Politics should take a backseat to economic development and solving the problems faced by Pakistanis. Prepare the Pakistani public opinion and control the media. Make it clear that this is not the time to apportion blame. We can do that later. Now is the time to save Pakistan. The action on the plan to destabilize Pakistan started in earnest sometime in 2004-2005. It began with the first rocket burst by Akbar Bugtiís foreign-trained and armed terrorists in Balochistan in January 2005. Musharraf has been weakened. The plan will end with removing the Pakistani military from the scene. It hasnít come to this yet, but itís close call. Nationalist Pakistanis must ensure it never comes to this.
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