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Sajid Hussain M A M phill -- Journalist4


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By Mr Sajid Hussain PhD Investigative Journalist July, 19 2008 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<> Overseas Desk <<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HIDDEN ACTIVITIES OF<<<<>>>> Mr. Zard....Aari & Mr. Shar.....if<<>> Peoples Party's so called Chairman Mr. Aasif Ali Zardari, is looking for an exit from his party, from Pakistan's present mess and from active politics, Most probably, people of Pakistan might get sudden news that Mr. Zardari is seriously ill and would be away for som time from active politics,(and that 'some time' might be forever) . in fact, Aasif Ali Zardari and Mr. Nawaz Sharif are virtually dead, gone, bifurcated, Pakistan's some channels (so-called) anchor mafia and press are keeping them alive, trying to infuse life in their dead bodies, Everyday some popular and experienced pesons Newspapers put some headlines to boost the marale of the public. in fact, some (so-called) press and media's ugly survivel is that of Mr.Zardar and Mr.Sharif,to keep the hot issue alive, like (under observation) Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhary, who is History now, Aitezaz Ahsan, would you bet your Bar-at-Law degree on that? ZARDARI BUSY CHECKING HIS BANK ACCOUNTS The so-called Co-Chairman of peoples part has made than a dozen visits to London, Dubai and other parts of the world on record(no one knows how many hidden,secret visits elsewhere) after the assassination his wife. The Peoples Party's loudspeaker like Sherry Rehman, (Sher Bano) Farhatullah Babar and many other use to giving justification that, Zardari's these trips to the public through the some so-called media by saying that since ,Zardari is playing the part of both the mother and the father to his children after the (sad) assassination of Great Benazir Bhutto, so he has to be away to take care of his children, Bullshit! They are no more children, They have attain pubirty, They are big kid, teenagers, grown up in the West. Aasif Zardari does not need to baby sit them or push feeders in their mouths, Thease are lame excuse. Zardari goes abroad ever now and then to check his bank accounts and count his properties,thans to Presiden Pervez Musharraf's NRO! Pervez Musharraf and his alies would die deaths that would be an example for the world.and very sorry, Let me tell you that all of we and our political leaders are ugly,corrupt,freaky, stinking, and haggard, these race of we and leaders would die miserably and helplessly in leprosy,heart attackes,cancer, diabetes,HIV, and other painful . HUNDRED(100)days of senseless and empty slogans 1, How many times Nawaz Sharif and Aasif Zardari had meetings in Lahore, Islamabad, Bhurban, Rawalpindi and Dubai and London.etc? 2, How many times Aasif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif left for Dubai,London on record and secret visitis other destinations? 3, Who is the man in power.PM Gilani or Governing party's so-called Co-Chairman? 4, The Costs of each and every utilities soaring,Like Gasoline has juggled at 7o to 78 PKR, Dollar has jumped to 74.89 Rs agains PKR. 5, The innocent 99.99% of the peoples of Pakistan have been pushed towards pain, just empt, baseless, egoistic,dirtful claims and statements by these leaders,which are being heard to masses, Aasif Zardari repeatedly says Shaheed this, Shaheed that, jeay Bhutto, jeay Benazir, President House would be echoing with the slogans of Jeay Bhutto,nothing else? President would be the party's worker. all the lollypops, drama are being played with the struggled workers, all Bullshit, my........? (advance sorry) 6, Believe us that Aasif Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, Pervez Musharraf and other political shungens have no interet in Great Pakistan, or Peoples or their own parties as wel, but Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhary,, all otherrs and Aasif Zardari just taking care of bank accounts and properties all over the world. 7, Zardari did not choose to become a Prime Minister in the first place, as he wanted privacy and confidentiality to organize his bank accounts and properties all over the world. a little bird has told us that as soon as Aasif Zardari is free, he would kick out the Yousuf Raza Gilani from PM House. 8, The man known as Mr.Ten percent(in recent past) knows that waiting for 8-9 years for Bilawal is along time, when Bilawal will finish his education and get training to enter politics, not to mention that the sword of the real Bhuttos hangs on his head. A day is about to come when Aasif Zardari has to leave the fake combine slogan of Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, when the real Bhuttos move for the Kill. A piece of our Humble advice for Namaz Sharif Learn a lesson from Saddam Hussain's breaking neck!
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