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aminullah Adel

Distribution of hope

Distribution of hope
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Published by http://aminwardak.tigblog.org/
Distribution of hope Translated By: Aminullah “Adel” aminwardak@gmail.com It is said that because of a deadly sickness two patients in a hospital, were passing their nights and days. They were suffering from the same sickness. One of them was allowed to sit up just for an hour on his bed; on the other hand, he was lucky enough because his bed was closed to the only window in the room through which he could see out side. The second patient was unable to sit straight on his bed even for a moment, so he was lying on his bed just looking a part of the ceiling upon his head. Although they could not see each other, they always had tough discussions and friendly talks. By passage of time, such friendly and continuous discussions made them closed friends. They were lying down on their beds talking lovely and friendly about their pasts; childhood, young hood and their families. Thus, they recalled their past stories, events and whatever they had seen, hared and experienced. Every evening, the first patient used to sit straight on his bed and look outside through the only window whose luck had bestowed him. He was looking at anything which was visible in the yard’s vicinity. The second patient who was counting the moments was also eagerly waiting for the evening to come; he was impatiently wondering when he would approach the auspicious moments of the evening when whose friend would talk with him about outside… Those hours used to animate his sprit and grant him the desire and hope for life. He was fully enjoying his friend’s talks about anything that happened outside the room. Having talks about outside was really exciting for the second patient; according to the words of the sitting person, there was a wide nice-looking garden that had different kinds of colorful trees, and was filled with flowers and good-looking grasses, a beautiful river was flowing across the garden; boats were moving here and there, children were playing; some of them were playing inside water pushing and pulling each other and making noises, and their voice drew people’s attention. There was a person photographing the children and playing with them. Some groups of pretty women were walking in the pavements inside the garden; some holding their babies and some holding hands of their husbands and friends, were walking should by shoulder. Their laughter could give life to death people if they could hear them! There were some groups of young people sitting under the cool shadow of trees…the blue sky was boasting itself for it was covering the universe and protecting them from the hot sun. In this way, the patients were busy sharing feelings; one of them was illustrating every thing and the second one was listing to him. Infect, the words could anoint the second patient and govern his heart, the words were gradually reviving the dimmed wishes and hopes of the second person and he was extremely enjoying hearing words about nature and its beauty…. One day, the sitting friend began talking about a parade, he was expressing how the soldiers had been exhibiting their power to people, even tough the second one was unable to see the scene and hear the sound of the national anthem, but he was mentally feeling and perceiving the event to the depth of his heart and enjoying it very well. Many days and weeks passed and both patients felt comfortable with each other. One day as usual a nurse came into their room, she checked the first patient and saw that the patient who was closed to window, had died, his passion had flown and he had left this world, but his friend had not known this until he heard the nurse’s voice talking on the telephone to the director of the hospital and informing him of the death person and asking him for direction. Understanding this, he really felt shocked and felt upset!! When he found a suitable opportunity, he asked the nurse to shift him to his friend’s bed and she accepted his request. On his friend’s bed, he was waiting for the evening. He cried too much when he remembered previous evenings with his closed friend. Although he attempted to sit up on his bed to see what was happing outside and celebrate passed evenings, he could not do so. He reclined on the wall, and turned his face around to the window so as to see what was happening outside! He saw nothing, he looked again, closed and opened his eyes many times, but nothing appeared to him! He just saw the hospital’s wall and the window which was open toward the hospital’s yard!! He was surprised about what he was seeing, he was wondering where the garden was! Where was the river and where was the dynamic life which was there before?!? He called the nurse and asked her if there was any garden or river, she said that there was nothing without wall. This was the same window through which his friend was looking outside, but now he could see nothing outside! The nurse asked about the reason of the patient’s surprise and he uttered the story of his friend. Hearing the story, the nurse became astonished and was wondering that even though the first patient had been blind, he could not even see the window, how and why had he told such words for his friend?! “The End”
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