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ToneyS Wong

World-Peace Greed & Obsession

World-Peace Greed & Obsession
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ISBN: 978-1-4276-3132-9
judging is the only way to root out problems, harboring is the cause of world turmoil ! ----------------- Why on TV's and in movies, do we show husbands and wives kissing in beds or not in beds ? Even though their bodies are covered with sheets in beds, but the mere suggestion of naked bodies hugging one another, is enough to lead our youngs astray! ------------------ the earth needs saving from human beings’ destructions and plunders, it is not a fantasy, it is fact, it is reality and this is what exactly this book is all about ! If you resent this and do not want to co-operate, then this book is not for you ! This book never promised miracle, but it is written for the TRUE PEOPLES who really like to learn and SACRIFICE what they want in their minds,in order to give, in a real true meaningful way ! ----------------------- WORLD-PEACE We all are holding hands and we sing the peace of God, we are happy to the extreme, we don’t need to do anything else in the world because peace is here achieved ! My big problem with religions is, they train you to have peace in your own mind, as long as that YOU enjoy peace for yourself, this were supposed to be “Peace” ! But what a shortcut because, how peaceful it is when YOU have everything and have all the “Peace” in your mind because you have every material thing, but the other poor peoples in the world do not have the basics for survivals ? ? How “Peace” comes this way, I ask ? Going to churches, giving two dollars for charities is not enough to patch over the pollutions that we the rich peoples of the world contribute to the world ! --------- If you see me with a chain on my neck, I will cut my neck off and hand it to you, because, it takes two tons of earth's ores to produce one ounce of gold ! Processing all of that earth is great pollution, hollowing off the earth is another ecological problem ! ! Besides, body ornaments will not make anyone a better person, it is what we do that counts ! ! ----------- Love, ToneyS Wong, Nas, Bahamas.
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