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Tanya Shekhovtsova


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Published by Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009, Public Institution, Vilnius, LT
2007 - 2008
WHY IS VILNIUS AND LITHUANIA SPECIAL FOR YOU? There are many possible ways to talk about Lithuania, which is so perfectly nice for a newcomer. One can always give a full image of it in simple words and draw your special attention to the utmost existing order in the way of life. Meanwhile, one can also have a discussion on the merits and shortcomings of the city life, and be a mere observer of the situations, leaving any of the unanswered questions and rush on to another. It feels like at home here, and no one can blame the mother of nature in following the curved streets and paths of yet unknown city - it is so marvellous to be in the place, which has a great impact on your high spirits and general state of body and mind. The rise of a creative thought is undoubtedly grasped during the walk along the banks of the Neris river. The Lithuanian landscape itself is the dominant motive of creativity of a writer (as we can see it in the poetic works and novels of Leonardas Gutauskas; Jurgis Jankus and his art of prose writing or the children’s novels of Vytautas Račickas and Vilė Vėl), an artist, a researcher or a scientist. It gives a considerable encouragement to deep reflections on everyday life, on its incosistent essence which will leave you with pride and joy, as well as new views on life and ideas for future work or a forthcoming event. A foreigner is simply struggling with new emotions and the environment never ceases to surprise you each time you turn out to be in the city, in any time of the year, whenever you feel like setting off on a wondrous trip to the Baltic state. You are not only set in the past, sometimes it can happen that you are left in an eiphory of new feelings and the prospect of a good belief in a mysterious world behind you startles you for the first time after a while. One can fully relax in a nearby café and be generous and gracious to people all around you, speak on friendly terms with a passer by, a child screaming for his mother and a cat curdling silently in the distance. You will never be mindless of a shear taste of a good liquor in the main street of the city or just any other place appealing to your eye that will cause you to be revelling in the storm of unpredictable senses. There is such a variety of innovative ideas, which seem to appear before you as you step forward and do not neglect to fulfil your duty as to drop in a shop, a gallery, a supermarket or a best – selling boutique and just dive into mega or excellent life of a big city. How many people are absorbed in the pleasure of an evening smell, fragrance of the sweet – smelling air and the shadows of spires around you make you forget about the present time, as you can only peer at everything around you and be astonished at the universality of the domes of the famous Vilnius churches. They keep up the exciting tradition of a magnifying force for each person in the world, when it is the history of all the ancient generations of people who remind us of the state of hoping that something unexpected will happen with you for the first time. Then you are never left alone, you can wander alone or with a friend, hear peoples’ talks and try to understand the whole reality of the life in the city through the sounds. I often wonder at the language that so much attracts you with its wonderfully melodic tone like the birds’ singing or the flow of a spring water nearby. The Lithuanians keep that trail of their temper, which is quite often observed as the one with the tense character of its own. In a moment you would like to learn to speak that language, however it is hard to do it alone in a short period of time...So, you should have a heaven – sent ability to master the language and communicate with people easily enough to continue your living in such a peaceful environment. One may quite often reflect on all the possessions Lithuania has to offer to you... So here you see the richness of traditions and customs which are always life – giving events for the citizens and you too. Will you try to see it for yourself now and have a perfect time during the day while driving through the city with a friend? You will certainly enjoy it every time you set your heart on doing so...
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Communications , Community/Public Affairs , Educational , General , Nature and Environment , Recreation , Social Sciences , Sociology , Travel
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