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Hussein F. Chaaban

Angel Choice

Angel  Choice
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Published by Nawfal Publishing Co. Beirut, Lebanon
January 2008
Angel Choice "" Novel : Nawfal Printing - Beirut Lebanon By : Hussein Chaaban Four kinds of people are living around us . First, those people who live only, eating, drinking, sleeping , in a routine manner depending only on their behavior Second , those people who live with a goal in their minds , such as buying an apartment or a house , planning to make a company of their own , or traveling once in their life , thinking that these goals are the only targets to focus on them all their entire life . Third , those people who keep evaluating their life periods in a continuing manner . Four , those people , who live alone with their selves , seemingly that they are living always with normal people , but actually , they are isolated with their thinking living with their morals , always hugging with happiness their lighting hearts , and embracing their instinct wisdom without being influenced by the outsider affects, and accepting all consequences whatever the wind brings to them . This novel is about those people , the fourth kind , the author call them as the "real angels" but don't forget they are living between us , but you cannot see them , or meet them or embrace them as you have to be like them to know that those are the "real angels" . Sammy is the author's hero who started his life at six years old in Beirut , Lebanon , and kept building his school 's life in a highly loving behavior , helping his peers at school how to wear their neck's tie in a descent way , washing his friend's faces when needed to make them breath in a smooth way , teaching them how to tie their ribbon shoe .When he is eight years old Sammy becomes the leader in the boys scout . Sammy , the author's hero , was full of happiness when he is twenty years old , has entered his undergraduate education at the most beautiful country on earth , Egypt , and has been granted his bachelor degree in economics / accounting . Sammy was energetic , friendly loving with his peers , and become the chief photographic club in his college . Thyra , was eighteen years old when she new Sammy at college , she was so beautiful full of quiet happiness , never laugh too high only with happy face , energetic , full of nice breast making every one like to look to her . She moves in a quiet move never without a hint of smile , sitting always beside Sammy she never mention the reason . Thyra , is continuously happy as she is , when Sammy around her , enter the lecture's small session only because Sammy will be there . Sits beside Sammy only to smell his perfume , and sometimes touch his hands without intention . Thyra at end with Sammy is a real thing fall from sky , into their each other hearts . Four years have went by , and every couple start to plan to marry , others to continue his professional life traveling to the Gulf , others to plan resuming his education in England and United States of America . Sammy decided the last one , but he never promised Thyra anything or doing anything of the above . Five friends plan a gathering at a restaurant on the Nile river in a beautiful peaceful night . Thyra and 1 Sammy sat beside each other as always , other girls and guys kept looking at them , till Sammy knew the real hint of the reason of this gathering . Sammy thought that this nice gathering is for farewell , but Thyra and other friend were planning this , for a possible proposal of Sammy to Thyra . At end when nothing has happened , Thyra started in a quiet peaceful move , crying , tearing , where obviously Sammy recognized how much Thyra loves Sammy without even hinting to him any word during four years in college education . Really, at that moment , the angel fel from sky into Sammy's heart but he has never made any hint or move except shake hand . Sammy has married twice , but no one understand his soul . The first woman is a normal person , she wants life as fun , eating , playing , and building a family . This woman (Linda) wants her own goals without thinking where she is going with those goals , as she wants to play the man's role rather the woman's role in life , and this is where most of people fell down until the house is broken . The woman (Betty) choose to use any one comes in her way until she possess her goal , kept killing time only to gain her needs reaching her own shadow , believing that this is the real life of happiness . Sammy has passed into a successful life during thirty years , making a lot of money , but never saved any from it . Why ? Sammy has lived his life as others , building a house in America but never stayed in it except one year as he kept staying working at the Gulf due to his professional life but his three kids have grown in it until completed the university level , and his wife took over the house , as refused to go back to the Gulf as a normal couple . Sammy was a generous person helping his six brothers , pulling them from Lebanon to America . Sammy also , is a person knowing how he respect his soul life , give his inner personality what needs , and never know how to be a stingy toward people . Sammy's kids have never understand him at all , as mentioned Sammy was looking around people to understand , not a people to understand them , and this is the difference in life . In the author's opinion , look for people to understand you not for people to understand them , you live all your life happy but losing all the materialistic symbols . Ask yourself , which is better , to loose your self and make others happy , or win your self and make other frustrated . Actually, people make themselves frustrated as they look always to their material benefits , and forgotten the real thing in life on how to make themselves happy . The answer is simple, define your values , never create to yourself a fake symbols . The fake symbols are to build an apartment , to buy a company and become the owner , or to save some money for your elderly . As Sammy was the real angel from sky by knowing how to respect his inner soul , and admire his continuous professional career , carrying the real honesty in his life dealings , loving all people without any self benefits , helping the needy people in his capacity depending on his lighting heart . 2 Sammy has received many signs , that he enjoyed spending money where he feels his soul is to be happy avoiding any negative thinking about selfishness , or envy , and has given three sons and a daughter all are university graduates in America , and enjoyed two unsuccessful marriages . On the other side , Sammy has enjoyed his successful professional life , traveling all over the world , and passed four surgical operations , and finally , God has offered him a haj pilgrim at Mecca , and made him visit almost all Holy places at t Saudi Arabia land . " Angel Choice " is a novel of ringing bell to your heart , where you can fulfill the inner self of your soul as it is the guidance to your road and to evaluate continuously the inner happiness to reach your final destiny . This novel is showing you that all symbolic material things cannot solve any problem , nor can reach any final goal . Walking tall , is the only symbolic spirit which can bring happiness through enlightening our hearts by knowing who the one created those symbolic ringing bell . E N D Professional Skills : Mr. Chaaban is an American Lebanese writer where this is his second novel . Mr. Chaaban, was appointed in 1976 the Vice-President of the American Institute of Internal Auditors along with his job due to his communication skills and held a post of " The President of the Toastmasters Club" Tallahassee, Florida , USA. In 1975 due to his systematic , organized, and planning, abilities in lifting the TMC to its reputable position .
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