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Dr. Harmander Singh

Happy Peace Day

Happy Peace Day
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Published by Lulu.com
ISBN: 978-1-4357-0773-3
This play offers the philosophical-guidance and counseling for the self-wisdom for all age groups. In it, the gifted and visionary children share their original ideas for the easy solutions for all global problems of the present and future, East and West, rural and urban; while using the creative and innovative thinking, ideas and imaginations. The creative thinking, scientific feelings; named as Philselfology, is the art of learning the healthy participation in all social interactions for the art of creative communication. The concepts of world as a family, human equality and togetherness for all round development in which the kids may learn to become the best teachers and guides for human civilization. The focus is on going beyond the bookish knowledge to learn the art of sharing. For caring and enjoying the knowledge and wisdom, we go through personal experiences, the need of philosophy in school, college and the university education with scouting as a solution to global problems of nature, healthcare, and the environment by helping others to make world violence and pollution free. It is for learning the simple ways and means for doing research, creative arts, earning while learning, participation of children in skits, dramas and the philosophically and psychologically rich discussions, learning to be self-dependent and get guiding principle from the young, elders and the experts of different fields. It focuses on the children and even the older ones explore art of problem solving for different matters of their personal, social, psychological, philosophical, educational, scouting as an art of naturally rich life and living, and international issues with philosophical guidance and counseling, and humanistic psychology with psychotherapy for initiative and participation in self and social awareness by the kids, children, young people and the others. It empowers the peaceful living using the ancient wisdom in modern context for better adjustment in the world community. Thus, it is the children’s play the marvel of doing 25 years self-developed research on the Peace Education for all, which has emerged as the ideal script with concept, theme, screenplay and flow of smooth story and dialogues in the form of play for different age groups, published by Lulu. In the play, the gifted and visionary children, young and old ones introduce their original ideas for the easy solutions for all global problems with art of self-wisdom. Sir William James says that virtue should be our habit. The play of 52 pages follows the creative touch of materializing this message for all of us. “Happy Peace Day” is waiting for your joy of reading it for quenching the thirst of reading the creative work as this play to explore the humanly and creative thoughts and scientific feelings named as Philselfology, the universalizing of human wisdom. The series of the play took 12 years, “I am feeling today as the Happy Peace Day on the releasing of first part of set of 25 parts of the play, it goes back to making of the pilot episode about it for TV as the approved work in 2003”. Thanks!
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Children's Literature
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