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Hussein F. Chaaban


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Published by Kazma Publishing Co. Kuwait
HUSSEIN CHAABAN Accomplishments Published a Book Entitled : ' CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING SYSTEM ' ( Applications, Analysis & Controls ) 1986 1. Master Of Accounting , MBA in USA I have approached USA toward a highly goal toward advanced learning . I have graduated in 1971 at the School of Business, majoring 'Accounting' from Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, USA . where I have possessed my advanced learning in business, management, toward my ultimate goal in Financial Management Leadership . The USA opened my learning sight toward a new world of business where the following courses applied were the reason toward my personal merit . ADVANCED COST ACCOUNTING ACCOUNTING MANAGEMENT CONTROL PROBLEMS PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTING SCIENTIFIC METHODS BUS. RESEARCH ACCOUNTING THEORY I ACCOUNTING ANALYSIS MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING THEORY II COMPARATIVE SELECTIVE TOPICS ADVANCED QUANTITATIVE METHODS BUSINESS CONDITIONS ANALYSIS PROBLEMS POLICY FORMULATION At the end of two years, I have granted the Degree of Accounting with Grade 'VERY GOOD' in June 10, 1971 ( attached ) 2. Innovating 'Control Scheduling System'' PDMS, in USA : 'HONOR RECOGNITION' Received From DOT in USA : In my first job after graduation, where Florida Department of Transportation, DOT chose me from a 12 graduate students from Florida State University in 1971, I have created in my personality, a 'challenge' to become one of the best employees in FDOT . After one year working at FDOT, I have created with some colleagues, a new section calling it PDMS ( Planning, Development, Managing, Scheduling ). After completion of the 'Projects Budget' of the FDOT, all projects become to be executed according to dedication, effectiveness, of individuals .(attached) I have used 'objectivity' in executing the department projects . I have designed a 'computer program' to : ( this was in 1972 and still I was 27 yrs ) Plan the Projects to be executed . Develop the existed Projects if needed . Manage the Projects under completion and execution . Schedule all Projects according to its 'priority' and importance . After I have submitted this 'Proposal' to my boss Mr. Al Hilliard . Following a week of my Project submission, Mr. Hilliard invited me with his top management advising me that the PDMS Project is one of the best Projects submitted to this Department ( I have granted US. $ 3,000.= for that attempt ) . . 3. 'CERTIFIED INTERNAL AUDITOR' in USA : I have prepared myself to take the exam to become 'Certified' in my profession . In addition, I have joined three to four "Costing' and 'Management' Institutes in Tallahassee ( Capital of State of Florida ) to become acqainted with my 'profession society' where I have succeded . I have passed my "Exam" and become one of the best 'Certified Internal Auditor' at Tallahassee, Florida, USA . In 1973 ( Certificate attached ) 4. Vice President Of Institute Of Internal Auditors in USA : After my certification of becoming a 'Certified Internal Auditor' in Tallahassee, I have become active with the Tallahassee Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors which is its prime Head Quarter at Orlando, Florida . I have excessively encouraged 'meetings' discussing the Chapter problems and how to increase the membership and improve the services of members which left a high impact on the Board of the Chapter which nominated me to become the ' Vice President of the Institute Of Internal Auditors' IIA . This also, put me in a new 'challenge' to visit the library too often to enable me to gather applicable ideas, for improving my career and my personality, professionally and reputation merit . ( Photo attached ) ( My wife 'American' used to note to me " Hussein, you become ' highly recognized ' better than the 'American born' with your reputation and attractive personality . ) 5. Vice President Of Institute Of Toast Masters in USA : When I joined The Institute of Toast Masters, my goal was to improve my hindering language and make it to become a ' real American accent ' which I succeeded . But the Chapter members have discovered in me a new merit that I am good in ' speech ' where they suggested that I enter the ' speech contest ' with all other State Chapters . I agreed, and it was a good chance to know more people, where I can gain a lot of improving my personality . In 1975 I have got prepared and memorized my speech and practiced well as I am competing with six other members . When my turn comes, I have asked again all the audience to stand up and repeat with me the 'American Allegence' and they did and clap for me, and then, I started my speech . They were impressed . I have won the 'Second Prize' from all seven Toast Masters . I was happy, but the most happier was my wife . ( Thinking, how a Lebanese guy won over a true ' American born ' , she was highly impressed ) . After that, all Board Chapter nominated me to become the Vice President of the Institute Of Toast Masters, Tallahassee Chapter, Florida in 1975 . and I have passed to become the Vice President of the Chapter . 6. Published a Book Entitled : ' CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING SYSTEM ' ( Applications, Analysis & Controls ) 1986 I have written my book entitled " CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING SYSTEM " Applications, Analysis & Controls - 1986 . This book is in English Language and was sold to all Accounting Offices and contracting firms . ( PP 400 ) Learning of Experience : I have documented my experience in this book to assist all managers, financial officers, who work in Construction Industry through a theory and application . As a Financial leader, and managing the Finance and Administration Department of more than fifty employees of Accounting and Administrative personnel, I have possessed the 'Leader' charateristics of managing, controlling, and consulting my Board of Directors through all financial reports, recommendations, and proper decision making . This book came as a result of my experience and sold highly . The 'Table of Contents' of the book I have published, speak for itself . Keys to success paving the road through the following 15 routs : 1. How to choose a Leader 2. Recognition of Income 3. Budgeting and Cash Flow 4. Chart of Accounts 5. Accounting Records 6. Accounting Books 7. Controlling of Payroll 8. Controlling of Material 9. Controlling of Plants 10. Controlling of Contracts 11. Controlling of Sub-Contracts 12. Controlling of Overheads 13. Organization Structure 14. Job Descriptions 15. Personnel Administration This book is a valuable tool to financial institutions ensuring a construction management and financial success and minimizing the possibility of project failure . As I have possessed the merit of a 'Leader' I have gained a lot of distinguished qualifications which empowering my personality through learning and applying the successful keys to success : 1. Creating always a new 'vision' . 2. Work as a 'Team' and develop it . 3. Clarifying the 'Values ' . 4. Gain ' Positioning ' . 5. Keep the 'Communication' concept working . 6. Gain always the 'Empowering' concept . 7. ' Coaching ' is the method to keep . 8. ' Measuring ' is the best step to keep using . That is now, the kind of ' Individual ' I have gained through profession . See Amazon.com for looking to the book . 7. INTERVIEW WITH AL YAQAZA MAGAZINE - KUWAIT 1986 ABOUT MY PUBLISHED BOOK ( CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING ) In Kuwait, where I have published my BOOK, Al Yaqaza Magazine was interested to make an interview with me, and was done . I have emphasized on the ' Planning ' concept that the purpose of the Book ' CONSTRUCTION ACCOUNTING ' is to plan for every project, as most individuals execute their projects without any experience or plans . When the question raised between the American and our applications in executing ' managerial contracting ' : I have emphasized from possessing experience on three reasons for the success of ' contracting project ' . 1. The American Contractors are working as ' Teamwork ' and no room for individuality as 'all efforts and group plans' must be built-in in one " sound managerial plans " . 2. The American Contractors depend on " Computerization " in every movement or activity in order to filter all positive ideas and eliminate the rest of non-productive activities . 3. " Proper services " are always the core of American success . The American management built on ' systematic foundation ' with its laws, principles, and rules . 8. "ACTIVE MEMBER " IN PROFESSIONAL INSTITUTIONS : Member Of Institute Of Certified Public Accountants - Saudi Arabia Member Of Institute Of American Internal Auditors - Florida USA Member Of Institute Of Administrative Accounting - London Member Of British Institute Of Management - London Member Of Data Processing Management Association - USA I have possessed 'different than others ' the highly advanced experience of developing my own profession through my own personal ' Initiative ' . This ' Initiative ' involved my personal merit through the following : 1. I am participating in developing through my membership my own profession in analysis, data gathering, and taking proper decisions . 2. I am participating in making Accounting Standards and Laws when I am asked from the Accounting Board Members . 3. Active Member in attending meetings around the world in developing my Accounting, Auditing profession . 4. Writing ' Articles ' in relevant Accounting, Auditing, and Management magazines .
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