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Jennifer Storm

Blackout Girl: Growing Up and Drying Out in America

Published by Hazelden Publishing
February 1st, 2008
ISBN: 13: 978-1592854684
Blackout Girl: A riveting memoir of what happens to a teenage girl whose life is awash in alcohol, drugs, and the trauma of rape.

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Here’s a can’t-tear-yourself-away look at what can happen to the one in five teenagers who have a drinking problem. At age six, author Jennifer Storm was already stealing sips of her mother’s crème de menthe. By age 13 she was binge drinking and well on the way to using cocaine and LSD.

While Jennifer Storm found herself anesthetized to many of life’s harsher realities, it didn’t save her from becoming further victimized. Passing out and blacking out became indistinguishable. Dating and rape seemed to go hand in hand. To cope with the added pressures of young adulthood, drugs were soon added to the mix - anything to dull the senses and quell the confusion of growing up gay in perky, straight 1980s America.

“I had never held a beer in my life, let along this big, long can that I could barely fit my twelve-year-old hand around. I just kept tilting the can back, farther and farther. I enjoyed the almost immediate rush that went through my temples and up to the top of my scalp… I had slipped, unseen and undiscovered, into the land of adults.”

The upside is that Jennifer comes through her ordeal to succeed, despite all the odds. Her story of proves that forgiveness and redemption are more than possible through sobriety and a commitment to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Key Features Presents a lively look at American teen culture and the pressure to engage in high-risk behaviors. Inspires readers on of how to regain one’s life after addiction and trauma seemed to have cost a person everything.

Offers a realistic look at how teens and young adults can begin taking honest responsibility for their sexual orientation.

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Alternative Lifestyles , Child Guidance/Parenting , Counseling/Career Guidance , Feminism , Gay/Lesbian , Juvenile , Psychology , Self-Help , Women's Issues/Studies , Young Adult
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