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Jess Mowry

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key
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Published by Windstorm Creative
ISBN: 978-1590923535
Jarett Ross, a thirteen-year-old African-American boy in Oakland, California, has been no more than a ghost for months, crying alone in the darkness and cold where no one can see or hear him. A drug-dealer put the moves on his mom, got her addicted to heroin, and now rules their small apartment in a rotting Victorian house. Jarett's only refuge from the man's brutality has been his tiny room, its door locked by a skeleton key. Yet, late one rainy night, even that protection fails him when the man finally breaks down the door. Jarett fights for his life, and the man falls to his death down a stairwell. Jarett knows he must run -- the cops will never believe that he acted in self-defense. Bleeding, battered, near death himself, Jarett stumbles through the rain-lashed streets only to arrive at what must be his end... the iron gates of an ancient graveyard. Jarett waits for death, seemingly his only escape from a hateful world without hope, but is saved by a homeless boy named Robbie who dwells alone in a vine-covered crypt. Robbie seems to have given up on life outside the graveyard's crumbling walls, but encourages Jarett to try again, to build a future from the bones of his past. The cops are after Jarett, who is questioned and kept under surveillance by a street-hardened white detective. Still, Jarett manages to get his mother into a rehab center; and with Robbie, the "graveyard-boy's" help, begins to hope that he might live again. Meeting a girl named Martin Hawker also gives Jarett hope. He finds that good people are all around, but only if you look for them. Yet, the detective seems determined to bury Jarett in prison, and life is far from easy. Rent must be paid, food must be found, and even Jarett's clothes are nothing but zombie rags. Why not just give up and join Robbie forever in a peaceful place of the dead?
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Adventure , Ethnic , Fantasy , Horror , Multicultural , Young Adult
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