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Gregory (Grigorios) Zorzos

Medieval and Renaissance Pankration : Pangration

Medieval and Renaissance Pankration : Pangration
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ISBN: 1441418229
The ancient Hellenic martial art of Pankration has described in this unique research of Gregory Zorzos from the ancient times until today. It is known in many names today such as: Pangkration, Pancraio, Paradosimos, Pankration, Pancratium, Pangratius, Pankration, Pancrace, Pankratos, Pancrazio, Pagration, Pangration, Sanda etc Research includes many ancient scripts from ancient texts from many countries and many archeological items from many places. The analysis proved that all modern martial arts of the world have their roots from the ancient Hellas. This volume describes the Medieval and Renaissance Pankration with many figures, photos and text at Medieval and Renaissance era. Some parts of Pankration consists today’s martial arts such as Grabble Submission, tug-of-war, sumo, kickboxing etc. and the author has wrote some specific books on this parts of Pankration. Mr. Zorzos was founder of the Pangration Federation and also the President of the Historic Committee. This work has been approved from the Ministry of Culture and the Hellenic Army. This research has get award: WRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD, Mr. Gregory Zorzos, International Historical Author of Martial Arts. Also from SAE: I am pleased to continue to offer the support of «World Council of Hellenes Abroad» (SAE) since your efforts [about Pammachon and Pankration] help to increase appreciation for the Hellenic roots of the martial arts. Andrew Athens, President SAE. * A summary of this book is used as a FM (Fight Manual) for the Army and Police forces.
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Anthropology/Archaelogy , Educational , General , History , Military/War , Multicultural , Philosophy , Scholarly , Social Sciences , Sociology , Textbook
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