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Gregory (Grigorios) Zorzos

Ancient and Modern Slavery (2 vos + cdrom)

Ancient and Modern Slavery (2 vos + cdrom)
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3rd edition
ISBN: 1448668778
The only complete book about SLAVERY anywhere. This monumental work -long out of print, a very hard and rare book to find, describing slavery in the Ancient Greece and Rome, also slavery in other ancient countries and nations like Hebrews, Aztec, Maya, Egypt, Persia, Assyria, Babylonian, Summerian, India, China etc. This book includes many ancient scribes (Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Hieroglyphs, Coptic, Ideograms, Linears, Assyrian, Sumerian, Arabic, Latin, etc.) from many places (even from papyri, ostraka, tablets, coins, cups, vassels, amphora, clay boxes, jugs, vases, plates, jars, etc.) with their explanations and their philosophic meaning and relation with the modern slavery in our times. This book tries and manages to proof that the slavery in modern times is deeper and more sever than the ancient slavery. Socrates said that will be a time that the people will work without chains because of the necessity to be slaves and today the masters are invisible as Socrates said and Adam Smith wrote the same to his economic theory about the “invisible hand”. In this book you will read about the theory of value in ancient times, all the ancient philosophers about the slavery, the pelasgian slavery, the ways of selling people, slavery in Illias and Odyssey (Homerus), the cost of the slaves, ancient statistics about slavery, public slaves, slave like people, renting slaves, payment of the slaves, the dress, the punishment, the insurance companies for slaves, comparison between free and slaves etc. Also describes all the laws in ancient scribes in Athens, Crete, Xios, Rome (from papyri, ostraca, tablets, etc.), who are and how they are make slaves, the contracts of buying people, the fights for freedom of the slaves, the sale, the estate of the slaves, advertisement for purchasing slaves, etc. In this book including many writings about slavery from ancient and modern times (Plato, Aristotle, Plutarchus, Aescylus, Herodotus, Aristophanes, Thucydides, Strabo, Polybius, Euripides, Xenophon, Stovaeus, Isocrates, Polyenus, Athenaus, Laertius, Sozomenius etc), also includes the slavery conditions in Septuagint and New Testament. At the end of the book is a small lexicon about the terms and the meaning of slavery in ancient times. And many more ... A book for students, teachers, collectors, libraries, museums, researchers, scientists, authors, journalists or anyone seriously interested about. This book is a source! If you think and want to be FREE, you must read and know what is SLAVERY! * This book has 2 volumes and one cdrom
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