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Terray Kashuba

America on the Edge of Awareness:21st Century Resistance Poetry & Political Commentary

America on the Edge of Awareness:21st Century Resistance Poetry & Political Commentary
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Published by BookSurge Publishing
ISBN: Pending
America on the Edge of Awareness: 21st Century Resistance Poetry and Political Commentary. What is Résistance Poetry? Résistance Poetry has its roots in the earliest beginnings of civilization. The ancient Sumerians are credited withm having invented the first formal writing system. The Sumerians wrote about all aspects of their lives. The polytheistic Sumerians wrote about their gods, marriage contracts, their love life, their crops, their kings, politics and the wars that the Sumerian armies engaged in. The Sumerians were the first to write poetry about love. The Sumerians were the first to write résistance poetry, by pointing out the hardships of the poor and the enslaved. Résistance poetry is a genre of poetry dedicated to creating a more peaceful and equitable world. Résistance poetry opposes, injustice, the loss of civil liberties, political oppression of the masses, exploitation of the poor and vulnerable by the rich and powerful. The Sumerians built great libraries filled with cuneiform tablets that have survived the test of time. Archeologists have revealed that the Sumerians were great librarians that made multiple clay copies of many texts, allowing many works to be translated, in their entirety. This book of resistance poetry is about war and peace. It is not about one president, it is about the need to question the motives and emotional and psychological needs of all presidents and world leaders and the need to hold them accountable for representing all the people and not just the religious sect or affiliation that they believe has a monopoly on morality, ethical considerations and God. You cannot tell me that Mahatma Gandhi, because he was not Christian was not an ethical, compassionate highly evolved human being. I am certain that the Creator holds Mahatma Gandhi close to his heart. Blessed, are the peace makers. This book is about the rise and fall of world leaders. It is about passive resistance. It is about the importance of fighting to retain our civil liberties. It is about what it means to be free. It is about preserving global cultural diversity. It is about the spectrum we call human sexuality and what life is like in many American cities. This is not the life that the world sees every day on television but the daily struggle just to exist and the effect of poverty. This book is about creating a new, 21st Century Genre of Resistance Poetry. It is about what it means to be an American Freedom Fighter and a Number Knight, fighting in cyberspace to secure information needed to expose political corruption at the highest levels of government. It is about educational and corporate greed and what it is like in America today for the vanishing middle class, the homeless and the poor, caught in a revolving door called educational deprivation, exploitation and poverty. It is about the need of the people to live without fear, in a technological world politically corrupted from the top down! This book is about profiling the violent mind! It is about George Orwell’s 1984 and what the future holds for a society without civil liberties in 1984, 2006 and 2060. It is about life, the American city, love, and other strange things. It is about poetry and what it means to be a human being. It is about using poetry and art during these pivotal times as my voice. It is about the human heart and the need of every human being to retain their identity and humanity. This is about what you should be saying to your Representatives today, while there is still time! While you still have a choice, before the CIA, NSA and Homeland Security, silence the voice of the people. Terray Antares Kashuba Terray Antares Kashuba
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