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Cekoy Adien Eubadenuae

The Fourth Aepoch of Atlantis: The Great Fire From Heaven

The Fourth Aepoch of Atlantis:  The Great Fire From Heaven
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Published by wormebooks.com
March 20, 2006
This is the first story to be published from within a series depicting the past and future Aepochs of Atlantis, which for the most part shall relate to tales specific of an area and a people, not necessarily to Atlantis itself, though that legendary, mythical location will have its place in this and future stories. There shall be seven Aepochs in total.

Take a journey into "The Great Fire From Heaven."

The Great Fire From Heaven is a tale of spirituality, recovery, self-empowerment, personal fulfillment, and sacrifice. It is about one young man’s struggle to overcome and heal from the memories of a terrible past spent as a pleasure slave, while also enduring the trials of becoming one of the most important figures within his own culture. Beautiful, knowledgeable, powerful, and gifted, Calspar, who in order to survive the crimes committed against him in the past chose to turn away from the greatest and most important force required for his soul’s evolution, and the full manifestation of his abilities, at last finds it standing before him waiting too be embraced. Yet the joy of its coming is overshadowed by his own fear, and is further complicated by the uncertain future of his nation with the appearance of an ominous threat in the heavens. The descendant of a long-forgotten genetic lineage, Calspar is not aware that his destiny is no longer empowered by his own design, for he has been chosen to prepare for a conflict between the Guardians of the Universe themselves. This battle not only endangers the Earth, it is also one whose very outcome may threaten the evolution of Creation itself. For Calspar, the journey has only just begun.


The following novel contains adult situations and adult language, as well as “New Age” concepts and philosophies that have been intermixed with occult sciences, eastern spiritual practices, and ideas that have been influenced by Judaeo-Christian beliefs (amoung others). There are also social, political, sexual abuse recovery, psychological, self-empowerment, self-esteem, and self-sovereignty oriented themes and issues presented. This story depicts a fictitious culture that may or may not have at one time existed during earth's ancient past, and has been based upon multi-regional historical research with elements of possible and probable embellishment, and with several details perhaps presented out of the correct sequence of time. This novel contains detailed narratives depicting scenes of violence, gore, magic, and mysticism, and there are also both suggestive and graphic scenes of sexual violence, incest, and both homo-erotic and hetero-erotic content. References pertaining to anything, anyone, or any place, that might be considered prejudicial or racially motivated, stated, or illustrated in a negative light, is completely unintentional, and occurr only as aspects of character and plot formation, for dramatization, and are the products of research, artistic liscence, creativity, opinion, and free speech. The authors's presented ideas and concepts of what is or is not moral, appropriate, or acceptable, may not reflect that of the reader, or even of the author himself – though this is not meant to be a justification, nor should it be considered an apology by any means. The reader may also learn, experience, gain certain understandings, or be awakened and stimulated in various manners – negatively, positively, or neutrally – and possibly beyond his or her own ability too control, which is, the author believes, the true intention of nearly every artist regardless of the medium being used.

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Erotica , Experimental , Fantasy , Gay/Lesbian , Historical , Mainstream , New Age , Other
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From: Cekoy Adien Eubadenuae (Cekoy2004@aol.com) 2006-03-24

“The Great Fire From Heaven is remarkable, significant, fascinating, intriguing, educational, stimulating, thought-provoking, inspiring, and meaningful – and [several aspects of it are] almost believable! This is, truly, what great science fiction and historical fantasy is about!” - comment from a reviewer that ALMOST led to a publishing contract.