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Melissa Alvarez

Paranormal Experiences Volume One (out of print)

Paranormal Experiences Volume One (out of print)
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Published by New Age Dimensions
October 2005
ISBN: 1-59611-058-9
The publisher acknowledges the authors of the individual works as follows: THE NEST by Amy O'Connor STRANGE SEQUENCE by Jane Toombs VEILED REVELATIONS by Adrianna Dane THE VISIT by Carole Bellacera EMBRACING MY INSTINCTS by Inga Mahn DESTINY DISRUPTED by Billie Jo Case HIGH PLANES DRIFTER by Rob Riser A GIFT OF LIGHT by Margaret West CALL ME ANGEL by Mimi Riser THE SILVER HAIRED LADY by Melissa Alvarez RECOGNITION OF SPIRIT by Melissa Alvarez A CHILD REMEMBERS by Melissa Alvarez AND THE SUN WITH THE MOON SHALL SHINE by Melissa Alvarez Paranormal.

The word brings up images of ghosts, spirits, Bigfoot, UFOs, out-of-body and near-death experiences, hauntings, psychics, parallel universes, astral projection, and other phenomena that are beyond our normal experience. Most of us are intrigued by the possibilities of the unknown part of our world, what happens to us after death, and if we've lived before. And a lot of us are also very skeptical of anything that we can't see, feel, explain or prove. Within these pages you will be introduced to events that will touch your heart, make you smile and even shed tears. The authors tell us of spirits who helped them when they were sick, protected them from danger and sure death, and came back from the other side to offer the reassurance and closure when it was needed the most and how a psychic's prediction protected one author from harm. You will also learn from one author's first hand experience how lessons learned in a past life can assist you in this life.

All of the events included in Paranormal Experiences Volume I are told just as they happened to the authors, in the hopes that their experience opens your eyes to what is behind the veil. As the world grows more chaotic with unrest, we all are seeking to understand otherworldly events in order to find peace within the confusion. By opening ourselves to possibilities that may have seemed impossible before, we are finding our true selves, our true beings, and we are walking the path toward spiritual enlightenment.

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Astrology/Psychic/New Age , General , Metaphysical , Other
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