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Don Wilson


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Published by Dirty South Publication
agent for: \r\n\r\nUSA\r\nTel: 912 210 8779vm/text/\r\n\r\ndjwilson222000@yahoo.com\r\n\r\nBlack Women and White Women Male-Bashing. It seems that the sole concern of the middle class Black women\r\n the protection of the males of Black women, In other words damn the brother because They don\'t have a positive\r\n image to defend; thus, no protest about the demeaning of Blacks males.\r\n \r\n What I am getting at is perplex, it require that a person has been listening very closely to what has been gong on in[\r\n country for the last 20 years. Male-bashing that has become a cultural norm in this country. \r\n \r\n Pathetically, middle-class Blacks (and especially middle-class Black women) have a tendency, when they don\'t have anything to join themselves, to mime whatever white people are into. Thus. during this same period. when record\r\n numbers of Blacks begin graduating from college, a number of educated Black women began bashing Black men,\r\n \"a failed. male-dominated and male chauvinistic Black movement\" as the basis for their attacks.\r\n \r\n Most of the Black middle class is made up of Black women Didn\'t know that did you? And many, if not mo.\r\n single and without children. Thus it may be said that the greatest beneficiaries of \"the failed Black movement\" ha\'\r\n been Black women, These women, in mimicry\' of their white counterparts\r\n \r\n \r\n Black Business Economic Coalition Don Wilson addresses the issue \"Reinvesting in the Community\" echoes President Clinton�s, inaugural message that our country must be willing to travel in a new direction and encouraging small business development through free enterprise / empowerment zones and greater access to global markets....my long suit\' says Wilson. \"The People Network Partnership\" a collaborative Group that bring people together.\"\r\n \r\n \"Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for everyone,\" he said.\r\n \r\n Each of the following individuals extremely proficient in specific areas and are providing internal assistance to on another. We rely upon ourselves and are learning from one another...some people seem to know everything(\' don\'t If you require assistance please avail yourself of the opportunity to contact any of these individuals. They will be to assist you and can empathize with your difficulties and will provide solutions to your problems \"Join the Club, or \"Start your Own.\"\r\n \r\n We welcome your ideas and suggestions. If you have developed a new application, would like to contribute an art: or have a suggestion for our \"People Network\" Newsletter Computerization Updated please call, . write. or visit\' forward ideas to: \r\n\r\n\r\nhttp://professional-social-networking.blogspot.com/\r\n\r\ndjwilson222000@yahoo.com\r\n \r\n The SQMB will prepare a flow chart incorporating TPN: Don Wilson asked for some feed back and that a monthly update being provided to the ESC.\r\n \r\n The SQMB presented recommendations that the SQMB would explore as follows:\r\n \r\n � Inquire the Field Offices for their input to the network,\r\nImplementation of network database measurement using statistical process control by the Field Offices,\r\n\r\n\r\n Training - examines and provides, Establish continuous improvement dialogue with, TPN and Consolidate automation teams under the SQMB.\r\n\r\n When he moved back here to Savannah, with his wife recently in 1995 however, he had the need for a network to all together, before \"The Georgia International Trade Center\" is completed here in Savannah, and the need for a network to keep in touch with other professional people in the area.\r\n \r\n When trying to build a client base, I didn\'t know a lot of EMC\'s (small companies; producers) when I moved to Savannah. said Wilson. We need a network\" and a trade association.\" The network will present an educational in November and a breakfast series is planned for January. Hobnobbing with the professionals in theses circles no\r\ngives you visibility, but can make you privy to insider\'s tips on opportunities not shared with the general public. A don\'t be shy about asking for referrals from these folk.\r\n \r\n Don Wilson solicited input for TPN request on the Quality Award process. The ESC recommends increasing the individual suggestion award for Finalist from $50.00 to $100.00. The amount for Winners should remain S500.\r\n \r\n Our membership drive meeting is set for a date. although the time and place are yet to be determined.\r\n \r\n ATM/EMC\'s needs advisory board members as well as members. Wilson said, We are asking five small to medium size business\r\nowners to be a part of the advisory board whose names are recognizable in Savannah city areas. The advisory board will help us to modify our mission as required,\" he said.\r\n \r\n ATM/EMC\'s Savannah network \"a two - level membership track depending on your needs and what you want to out of the Group,\" said Wilson. The first is the executive level, which focuses mostly on local activities and offers opportunity to make the most local contracts. The dues are less (by trading out your resources for this level or by directing in your local area) for this level and may be ideal for local ENIC\'s in mid-management level positions. he said.\r\n \r\n The second level. the principles one. offers membership in the national network EMC\'s benefits are avail to who join at the principle level. We are tapping into theses people.\" Wilson. and bring them together and giving the chance to share information with each other.\r\n \r\n (Some clubs are exclusionary, selective. We try to be \"I think you do yourself a disservice if you on include people at certain levels of business. We need mentors,\" he said.\r\n \r\n \"The People Network Partnership\" is seeking members and volunteers. To register World Trade Center Trade Association \r\n \r\n The best kept secret in America\r\n Join the club\r\n \r\n
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Sociology , Women's Issues/Studies
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