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Gunild Pak

Dr Phil Nuytten, Sub Sea Pioneer

Dr Phil Nuytten, Sub Sea Pioneer
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Published by X RAY International Dive Magazine
1 February 2006
“If you think about it, the space between the highest mountain peak which is seven miles high and our lowest point in the ocean which is about seven miles deep… that’s just 14 miles of space in which all life, our lives, can exist. Our naked bodies cannot survive outside this small zone on the planet, which actually appears like a smooth ball with a few stains on it from outer space. So why build these suits? Why go so deep? Well, if we are not going to go there, why build the suits? There’s no point. The reason why we make these suits is to eventually be able to go to the places we cannot reach today. “Some say we should just send robots and submarine robots to these extreme depths. But if we are not eventually going there ourselves, why bother at all? The point is that we are going to go there eventually, like we are going to go to the moon or to Mars. We are eventually going to be there, and these suits and technologies are going to go with us and help us get there.” So says Dr Phil Nuytten, inventor of sub sea submersibles and the NewtSuit, a deep-sea hard suit employing break through technology that allow scientists to walk the bottom of the ocean in one-bar atmosphere with a freedom and range of movement unsurpassed by other devices. With over 40 years devoted to sub sea technology, Phil is fulfilling his goal to provide scientific, military, technical and sport divers unlimited access to continental shelf depths without decompression hazards. In this way, he hopes humanity can explore, investigate and ultimately become better guardians of our oceans.
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Marine Subjects , Nature and Environment , Popular Science
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