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Ahmed eladway

Surprise Party

Surprise Party
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Published by Istanbul Literature Review
Surprise Party "Taxi! Taxi!" Sarah yelled, waving her hand.For the third time, a cab whizzed past, splashing her sandaled feet. "Isn't this bad luck? Of all the days, I forget my umbrella today and I can't get a cab to save my life.Besides,I must get home before he does." The rain had soaked her blue blouse.Beads of water dripped from the ends of jher hair.She gathered her hair and wrung it,squeezing out the water. She sat her briefcase on the curbside near her foot and looked for somwhere to shelter but,unfortunately, everywhere was closed forthe day.This was the hottest summer she had ever experienced,and the rainfall was a welcome respite. Sarah was a 25 year old young lady who was working in the city as a lawyer.Her boss always trusted her and believed that she was born to be a lawyer. Sarah was such a plain toung lady as to go unnoticed.Even if you walked beside her,you would never notice her.She always wore plain clothes.. A blouse,long skirt, sandals... Her boss used to tell her to change her style;that being a lawyer,appearance is important at work,but she never took any notice. Today was her boyfriend's birthday. She had met Jack three years ago and fallen in love with him. She wanted to arrange a surprise party for him,and had been planning it for ages.Now all she wanted to do was to go home and start. Sarah stared at the on-coming traffic,hoping that a cab would appear.The faint scent of freshly-baked bread pleased her.She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.Today she had won her case in court,the millionare client was happy,but she couldn't find a cab... "Hey,taxi! Stop!" The yellow vehicle pulled into the side of the road and flashed its occupied sign. "Thank you!" She raced to the back passenger door and hurriedly climbed inside. "Where to?" the driver asked her. "Take me to 32nd and Lexington.Fast, please" "Sure,if you pay." "Don't worry,I'll pay you." "Why are you in such a hurry ,anyway?" "It's my boyfriend's birthday,and I've arranged a surprise party" "Maybe he's guessed." "No, he always forgets dates.He doesn't know that I'm back today" "Where you have been?" "None of your business..I don't even know you.You're a stranger" "My name is George,ma'am" "I don't care,just drive fast, ok?" The driver looked at her in the mirror,disdain in his eyes.As the car blended into the traffic, Sarah felt a bit woozy. "Shit,I'll be late," she thought as she lost her fight against the time. Ashamed of her appearance,she slipped into her memories,beautiful ones of meeting Jack,dating him, three years of love,happiness and sweetness...She was a romantic girl who adored dreaming.Sometimes she found the law cold and unfeeling,like a stone. She hated to deal with dead words,with no soul and no feelings...But she loved to sit on the stone and dream. Law was just a means to survive,that was all...Satisfied with the thought,she pushed her briefcase to the far end of the seat and laid her head on the seat.She inhaled and closed her eyes,relishing the sweet stench. The driever veered the cab to the left,causing her to lose her balance and concentration. "Hey!Be careful please." "I'm sorry,lady.I was avoiding a pothole. You know,these aren't the best roads." She closed her eyes,content to spend the journey dreaming...The party guests there,her lover,the wonderful time they would have,the night and how she would spend it in her lover's arms,candles-their only witness on this private night... "So,what do you do?" he asked. "Can you drive without chatting please?" she said to the back of his head. "Sure,lady,whatever you wish." He slammed the window and replaced his hand on the steering wheel,soon rising the volume on the radio. The commentator announced the score of the Yankees and Mets game. She felt asleep,dreaming... Within minutes,the car stopped in front of her apartment building. She handed him some money. "Keep the change." Sarah said to the driver and walked away..She got to the door with a big smile on her face.There was a plenty of time.She would take a quick bath and prepare for the party.One hour to do it all... She put in the key and opened the door.Suddenly,someone turned the lights on.. "Surpriiiiiiise!!!" Sarah jumped,saying "What?" Her boyfriend appeared and walked toward her. "While I was thinking about my birthday,I asked myself,what makes me happy?" Sarah asked him "What?" "Seeing this big smile on your face," and he put his finger on her lips and gave her a kiss.She went to the bathroom,put some water on her face,looked in the mirror and said to herself: "Why do my plans never work out?"
Romance , Short Story
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