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J. Richard Jacobs


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Published by Double Dragon Publishing
14 June 2005
ISBN: 1-55404-262-3
XENOGENESIS is a science fiction novel involving a diabolical plot by a zealous fringe group intent on spreading the "human" presence throughout the galaxy. That, taken by itself, is not such a bad thing, but the way they intend to go about achieving their goal casts a dark, foreboding shadow over the entire program. Join Pat Dalworthy and his self-limited circle of reluctant and recalcitrant friends and associates as they attempt to uncover the mystery. Dalworthy must capture Pamela, a runaway granddaughter of Sean McGavin, who has in her possession, unknown to him, a lethal cargo. He has to do this because, even though he isn't aware of it, time is running out fast. She must be stopped in order to put an end to the deadly and mind boggling consequences both she and her cargo represent, before humanity disappears from the galactic stage forever in one way or another. However it gets done, Dalworthy is, from McGavin's perspective, an expendible commodity who must be eliminated once Pamela and the things she has are in hand because of the undesirable information Dalworthy is bound to uncover during his quest... This book is not for the meek or faint-of-heart...trust me on this one. The book, XENOGENESIS, is now available in ebook and large print paperback or hardcover with a beautiful dust cover. The paperback and hardcover versions are nice to cuddle up to in the evening for a great read without having to fumble around for those confounded reading glasses. Check it out.
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