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Carnation NS

Dearest Mom

Dearest Mom
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Published by faithwriters.com
Happy motherís day! I always think of you, especially as your health has not been that good. How are you, Mom? I wish I am there with you now.

I really miss you, even though lately we have not been the closest of friends. I am sorry for those many times I have snapped at you, for not listening to you, for not understanding your feelings. I know that you have really worked hard for me, you have really sacrificed everything for me so that I can have the good life you never had when you were growing up. And I thank you for that, although I admit that sometimes the way I treat you does not exhibit gratitude and love.

What is it with mothers and daughters, the conflicts and the like?

I am thankful that you are made of a good and gentle heart, because no matter how hurtful I have been to you, you keep loving me, you keep showing your care and concern for me. I thank God for giving you to me as my mother. I wouldnít be what I am now without your molding and teaching, and the strength of character you have shown to me.

Every time I read about mothers, I keep remembering those times when you would scratch my back when it itched, when you massaged my head when it ached, and when you kissed my knee when it was scraped. And my eyes would be filled with tears, as I keep feeling your warmth, despite the distance. At the same time, I could also feel your loneliness and emptiness because of it. So I resolved it upon myself to keep the love we have going. To be more patient and understanding, to be less critical, to be slow to answer but quick to listen. For I know that a motherís love is so strong, no amount of distance and conflict can destroy it. Your love is the strong bond that keeps us together. I am looking forward to December when we will meet again.

In the meantime, be assured that I pray for you everyday, for God to be the source of your strength daily. Take care, Mom. I love you.

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