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Linda Daly

Virtuous Dove

Virtuous Dove
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ISBN: 1-4137-0296-1
Abolitionist Felicity Phelps, after watching her parents tragically murdered attempting to aid a family of runners seeking refuge in the Underground Railroad, escapes the perils of war when she travels abroad seeking a fresh start. Discouraged and brokenhearted, Felicity discovers that life in Victorian England is not as charming as she was lead to believe as a child by her beloved grandmother. Human suffering exists in England, just as it had in her beloved South. The poor are forced to live in warehouses, while those of means -- the elite of society -- enjoy a life filled with power, lust, and greed. She soon discovers that even the good vicar, a man Felicity trusts and admires, is also guilty of lies and deceit, all the while claiming virtues beyond reproach. Will illicit love taint Felicity's virtues?
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Historical , Romance , Women's , Young Adult
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From: Linda Daly (mslldaly@hotmail.com) 2005-04-16

Follow a rich cast of characters, as they struggle for what they believe in during our nation's most turbulent times. 'Doves Collect' unique approach allows the reader to choose between either of Linda's Civil War-era novels as the first of the series, as both books run parallel. 'Virtuous Dove' captures a sedate traditional look at life as it was in Victorian England, while 'Rebel Dove' comes to life with all the energy, passion, and brashness of America in her tumultuous youth. Felicity is a sweet, demure, and virtuous daughter of the South, a startling contrast to Elise, who is passionate, rebellious, and a manipulative, spoiled, Southern Belle. One will lose everything to fight for what is right, while the other will risk everything to preserve all that is wrong. In the end, both will be redeemed through the power of forgiveness and true love. A brief synopsis of the first five books in 'Doves Collect' series is available to review at www.lindadaly.goduck.net