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Kristin Groulx

Along the Shore

Along the Shore
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For the Brucedale Press, Sixth Annual Acrostic Story Contest 2005

Rules: It has to start with the words "Along the Shore" and continue using each sentence beginning in a sequence of the english alphabet. Here's what I came up with:

Along the shore I wandered aimlessly searching for inspiration. Bemused, I looked to the horizon and pondered the predicament preoccupying me. Caught up in my thoughts, I glimpsed over my shoulder to see a gentleman walking. Dapper and debonair, with a smile glimmering in the reflection of the sun, he walked. Each step he took closer, I felt my heart lunge. From far away, his gate seemed somehow familiar. Gentle with each step, he whistled into the wind; its tune carrying in my direction. Holding tight to my sweater around my body, I kept the bitter wind from biting through. I still couldn’t help but have shivers. Just for a moment, he stopped and his gaze caught mine and we both smiled. Kismet I thought; it was kismet, and perhaps he was the answer I was searching for. Lost in love or lust or just lost, I moved closer in his direction. Moments seemed like hours as we inched the grains of sand between us. Never had I suspected my walk on the beach would bring me such a curious feeling. Overturned seashells broke softly underneath my bare feet. Poised and confident I began to run. Quickly he picked up his stride and met me face to face. Right before my eyes stood my prince, only he was much shorter than I had suspected. Smiles emerged from both our faces as our height difference was nearly a foot. Taller I was and always had been from the majority of my peers. Underneath our physical bodies, two wanting hearts beat in unison. Very much in love at first sight was I. Waiting for so long for the heavens to give me a sign and keeping my wits about. Xenophobia turned into xenophilia, for I had no fear to trust anymore. Yearning to know true passion, we succumbed to a kiss. Zachary and I fell in love that day along the shore.

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