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Kristin Groulx


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Jan 2005
For Reader's Digest Laughter is the Best Medicine This is a true story:

It’s 7:05 AM and I’m nudging the big bulge hiding under my daughter’s blankets to wake up. A tiny blonde head emerges with blinking eyes. Sleepily, my 4-year-old says good morning before dodging back underneath.

“Come on, we have to get up. Mommy’s going to have the ultrasound today and you’ll get to see your new baby brother or sister on the TV screen,” I say as I unfold the blanket from over her head.

An empty stare still blinks sleepily at me.

“You see, they shine a flashlight on one side of my tummy and hold a camera up to the other and poof, it’s on TV… and you can watch it with Daddy,” I try my best to explain.

After a moments pause, she innocently blurts out, “Well is there going to be any popcorn?”

We all got a good chuckle after this. Out of the mouths of babes I tell you. P.S. The ultrasound went great and we came home and made some popcorn.

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