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T. Wolfgang Burger

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Published Works
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Published by Communications LLC, Canadian Home Builder Magazine, IBM, Intel

Intel Developer Services (IDS)

  1. The Story of Distributed Scheduling on Linux* Thomas W. Burger. Dwindling budgets and large, complex problems that require vast computer …
  2. SourcePro C++* and the Intel® Compiler: A Winning Combination Rogue Wave SourcePro C++* offers Linux* developers powerful synergies with the Intel® C++ Compiler for Linux
  3. Methods to Utilize Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology with Linux* By exploiting Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, programmers can produce significant
  4. Linux* Modifications for use as a Distributed Operating System If you have a lot of numbers to crunch, a lot of users to support and/or a very little budget, you can use a DOS modified version of
  5. Enterprise Computing Capacities of the Linux* 2.4 Kernel By Thomas Wolfgang Burger There are a large number of changes and additions to the Linux* 2.4 kernel release that will result in more…
  6. Developing Java* Applications in Linux* on Intel Architectures -- Generating High Performance Native Machine Code from Java Code TW Burger twburger@shaw.ca November 30, 2002 This article studies some methods to maximize the performance of Java* applications.
  7. Developing Applications to meet the standards of the Linux Standard Base* (LSB) The LSB Specification Thomas Wolfgang Burger, September, 23, 2003 In order to prevent incompatibility between Linux* distributions…
  8. Tends in Distributed Computing



IBM Developer Works - http://www-130.ibm.com/developerworks/

  1. Cyrillic in Unicode In this article, Thomas Burger describes the Cyrillic script fonts and the various methods for representating them in Linux, including UTF-8. He provides instructions for setting up the font support and installation, and describes how it is supported in ... [if !vml][endif]
  2. Operating system flexibility The author likes Linux best, but sometimes a job for a client or access to an old data format requires the use of those other so-called operating systems. Installing a new operating system over your old one and then switching back again is a painful ...
  3. Meet the 2.4 Linux kernel, Part 2 This second of two articles details the nitty-gritty expectations surrounding specialized hardware such as ports, multimedia, filesystems, and bus support in the upcoming 2.4 Linux kernel
  4. Tip: Coding generic lists of objects in C/C++ Have you ever had a project that required you to have an indeterminate number of different objects in memory? For some purposes a binary tree is the best solution, but usually the simpler linked list is the obvious choice.
  5. Using Perl to access DB2 for Linux In this free tutorial you'll learn how to install and use a Perl interface to the IBM DB2 Universal Database, Personal Developer's Edition. You'll also learn by example how to query the sample database provided with the DB2 Personal Developer's Edition.
  6. Linux Unicode programming A multi-byte character representation system for computers, Unicode provides for the encoding and exchanging of all of the text of the world's languages. This article explains the importance of international language support and the concepts of designing ...
  7. Meet the 2.4 Linux kernel, Part 1 This first of two articles describes the birthing pains of Linux 2.4, along with the anticipation and frustration of waiting for the new functionality.


  1. A Comparison and Analysis of Software Development Platforms for Embedded Computer-Controlled Medical Devices The comparison and analysis of the many development platforms available takes a little effort, but can pay off by increasing the chances for a successful product launch.
  2. Cobol in an Open Source Future COBOL and Linux in the 21st Century
Computer Software , Computers , Electronics
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From: T. Wolfgang Burger (twburger@shaw.ca) 2005-02-01

This is a list of some the articles I have written with links to the sites.