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Scarlett Landry

Astrid of Scandia

Astrid of Scandia
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Published by Crabtree, Silas and Drake

In a matter of seconds, a slender, raven haired woman stood before me where the child had been. Her eyes were so pale that they were almost white. She fixed her face in front of mine, and I realised with a harsh gasp that she looked almost exactly like me – her eyes, her nose, the way that her mouth curled downward at the sides. The only difference was her hair, blacker than coal, which seemed to move with a life of its own. She reached out a pale finger and touched my cheek, and I felt the skin burn and peel. I screamed.

She whispered into my ear.

‘We are just the same, now, you and I. Sister.’

In the violent world of Scandia, nothing is as it seems. With the death of her parents, Astrid, a strange, cold girl of sixteen, is taken to live with her uncle in the far north - a harsh environment where only the strong may survive. Her world is turned forever on its end, as she is forced to confront the true nature of the country that she believes in, and the nature of her own strange destiny...

A moving stand-alone tale of betrayal, love and misery.

'Brilliant! I couldn't put it down... literally! It was glued to my hand for at least four months. I even showed it to my doctor. He told me that I ought to see a specialist. Bravo, Landry!' - Sir Aurel Stein

'I liked it quite a lot.' - Deight

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