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Kristin Groulx

Beach Blanket Polka

Beach Blanket Polka
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This story was entered for a writing contest offered at FictionAddiction.com (500 words or less):

They've been looking forward to their vacation but it turned out to be nothing like they planned.

It was better!

Laying on the beach, without a care in the world, Michael rolled over and pointed to the television crew that was setting up their cameras. His wife Jane sat up sharply when she noticed a giant tiger running alongside a solid, dark-haired man running on the beach heading towards them. She was in awe by the beauty of the giant beast. His thundering legs grappling the sand and kicking it up behind as waves crashed near his arrow straight tail. The tiger was headed straight for the camera crew. The man was having difficulty running alongside of him as the sand was slowing him down. Not only that, the man caught sight of Jane and his running came to a halt. The tiger halted with him. Both man and beast walked over to speak with Jane.

“G’day Maam,” the man said pleasantly.

“Hello,” Jane said nervously, aware that the beast was now circling their beach towel and sniffing them.

“I was running along the beach when I happened to notice you weren’t wearing your bikini top, and I was quite distracted, as was m’tiger. Maam if I do say so myself without ‘fending your husband, you ‘ave quite a lovely pair there. But I’m afraid we’re going to be filming soon and you’ll ‘ave to put your top back on,” the man said with a thick Australian accent.

Michael looked at his wife, who had been laying on her stomach and looked down to help her with her bikini top. It was gone!

The tiger had snagged it and had it dangling from the fierce corners of its mouth. Jane did her best to cover up with a towel at the mercy of this beast that’d stolen her top and was now playing a game of tug-of-war with her. While his wife wrestled half-naked with the beast, Michael tried to negotiate.

“Do something. See if it will give it back to you. Are you its handler?” Michael asked the man.

“Nah, I’m an actor. Besides, seems like your wife has it under control,” the man said, giving a slight chuckle to Michael.

Michael summoning up every ounce of manhood within him ran over and pounced on top of the tiger. Jane watched fearfully as the tiger clawed and scratched at her husband. With blood trickling down his arm, he pinned the tiger down and snagged the bikini top from its teeth-clenched grip.

A gentleman from the camera crew came running over to Michael, as the director calmed the beast.

“That was amazing! I caught the whole thing on film,” the cameraman said.

“You there, Aussie guy. You’re FIRED!” the director yelled at the dark-haired man that had approached us. Jane couldn’t help but notice Michael smiling at this.

The director walked over to Jane and said, “You’ll have to excuse my tiger. He really has a thing for polka dots.”

Humor , Short Story
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