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Kristin Groulx

Book One: The Ghost of Colby Drive

Book One: The Ghost of Colby Drive
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2004 - 2007
ISBN: 143032158X

(Front Cover)
Cover photograph by Lori J. Elvin

When one door closes, another opens… or so they say. But what happens if that door is stuck? Some choices you are forced to confront, no matter how ugly or dangerous. Such is the doorstep of Alyson Bell, a tenacious teenage girl new to the rural town of Hollow Creek; a town rumored to be haunted by a ghostly spirit and a cat with more than the usual nine lives. Alyson tests her own strengths and weaknesses as she transitions into her new life, facing everyday teenage obstacles (bosoms and boyfriends), and hurdling over supernatural mysteries only she is predestined to encounter. Does one girl have what it takes to piece together the myriad of clues left behind in her century-old house to end a cat-astrophic curse, vanquish an evil soul-stealing vampire and still have time for a relationship with her new boyfriend, all before the next full moon?

The Ghost of Colby Drive, an Alyson Bell novel, is written in teen Chick Lit style. This young adult paranormal romance novel is approximately 65,000 words. Readers who enjoy authors Katie Maxwell, Sophie Kinsella and Ann Brashares will certainly take interest in this fresh novel. It is targeted for girls aged 13-18.

My traveling experiences extend throughout the United States, Asia and Canada. Moving and transitioning to new places have given me first hand experience to write such a book. I’ve studied Fine and Theatre Arts at the University of Missouri and Portland State University-Oregon.

I have recently begun writing “The Curse of the Moonless Knight,” an Alyson Bell sequel devoted readers will fall in love with.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ :Excerpt from Chapter 13: ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

If you'd like to see the actors who played a live re-enactment of this excerpt, visit my myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/kangroulx to watch the video!

Without further ado, and excerpt from: The Ghost of Colby Drive

Harding reached into his pocket and opened a box revealing a beautiful gold ring with several stones shimmering. “Where are you Emelia?” he impatiently whispered to himself. He sat down and waited.

We followed Sadie as she walked through the forest aimlessly following only her own frustration. She slipped and twisted her ankle. “May I be of assistance to you, beautiful lady?” a tall male figure outstretched his hand to her and helped her rise to her feet.

“That’s him,” Emelia nudged me.

“Wow,” I whispered. I was hypnotically charmed by his appearance but quickly shook out of it. He was undeniably attractive.

“Thank you kind sir,” Sadie brushed off her gown.

“I couldn’t help but overhear you speaking with that gentleman up near the house. He certainly does not see the beauty I do,” he spoke. His voice was deep and enchanting, but also had something dark about it. Sadie clearly could not resist him. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is simply, Hremm Nevar.” The latter sounds of his name resounded lengthily as he spoke; the way a Frenchman trills his ‘r’s.

“I am—” Sadie began.

“Beautiful. Yes, quite so,” he interrupted her.

Sadie blushed. “My name is Sadie.”

“Sadie… Sadie… such a lovely sound. It rings in my ears the way church bells do. I will keep your name close to me forever. It is now written on my heart.”

Sadie was bewildered. She could not resist his flattery. Finally she had a man paying her some respect and attention, and even if he was a little mysterious, she was quite attracted to him.

“I would like to give you a gift, if you will accept it,” he said.

“Yes, I think I could accept a gift. I so rarely get them. Much of men’s attentions follow my twin sister,” Sadie said.

“Ahh.. your sister, then, deserves what she gets, and you shall get yours as well. You have charmed me with your beauty and therefore I cannot resist giving you a piece of my heart,” he said.

From a beautiful tree he broke off a large branch. The tree instantly died and withered from his cold touch. I’d never seen such a sight. Leaves turned black and fell to the ground like feathers. The once glorious tree now stood an ominous gray.

He slipped the tree branch underneath his black cloak, which when closed around him was like the wings of a black bird. From inside he pulled the branch back out. It was adorned with jewels and glistened in the sunlight. On the side was written “To Sadie, my love” and the tip of it had a carved raven.

“This is for you my love,” he said. “Use it whenever you want to call me to you and I shall be at your side forever.”

She outstretched her hand and gripped the staff. Her eyes darkened and her skin became paler, as though part of her life and beauty was being stripped out of her. Hremm Nevar leaned in and kissed her deeply, buckling her knees and sending her to the ground. He sat beside her and spoke, “I shall give you many things as you are deserving of them.” He slid his hand slyly up her thigh but stopped as her hand caught his. “Sorry m’lady. You are just so beautiful. I wish to engage you. I must leave now but let me give you this.” He slipped a parchment between her fingertips that he pulled from his cloak.

He transformed himself into a raven as Sadie lay amongst the forest leaves clutching onto her staff. She was still alive, but something was definitely different about her now. Her soul was no longer hers. She had given it to someone very dark.

We heard Harding get up off the ground and make way for his horse. Emelia and I left Sadie and ran up the hill to see Harding mounting his horse, Thunder.

“Perhaps she’s waiting for me by the kissing bridge,” Harding smiled. “I shall go find her and ask her to marry me. I cannot hold back my love for you Emelia,” he said. Emelia’s heart sank. “Noooo,” Emelia shouted at him though he could not hear her. I held Emelia back as Harding’s horse left the estate and raced down the street. A giant black raven flew over us. We ran to the street to try to follow Harding and the raven. The sounds of a frightened horse were heard and a loud crash followed. The horse threw Harding against a fence, snapping his neck. Emelia fell to the ground in tears. In an instant, this one day, she lost her sister and her true love. Harding was dead.

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Adventure , Gothic , Mystery , New Age , Occult , Romance , Suspense , Women's , Young Adult
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