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Another Night

Another Night
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Published by Sulekha Website
5th April, 2004
It was late. The clock struck three breaking the eerie silence of the desolate station. She looked around and saw no one other than the couple of hookers like herself, bargaining, hoping to make extra cash before dawn. The next train to Hershire was only after thirty more fu@#$%^& minutes, she thought. It was chilly; The December chill was at its best. She pulled her red silk blouse closer to her body. She could feel herself stiffening under it. The chill was making the lace bandeau that she was wearing hurt her skin. She tried to change her thoughts and think of something better, maybe the day so far. It was a good day for her, though very busy she had finally struck gold having got an offer from an old widowed sucker for a weeklong rendezvous in Geneva. Lola will freak out when she hears it she thought. That made her smile, her sister was not particularly lucky when it came to being booked for longer then 3 hours. She touched her smooth thighs and felt the creaminess of it. She prided in her sensuality and woman ness. ‘Oh the feeling of racking a man!’ she thought. The power she had in her tender body that could make a man go weak and childlike plumed her. She smiled with amazement at her thoughts. A train stopped on the opposite side of where she was sitting. A man in his late fifties came and sat in the opposite row of chairs. He had a mop of grey hair was short and stocky. ‘Just like my Poppy’, she thought. She kept staring at him. Soon, her smile turned to gloom…flashes of her childhood came sweeping to her mind. Back when they were family, when Poppy would bring wooden carved dolls and brittles for her and her sister. How she loved sitting on his lap, being called Poppy’s pet, listening to his stories, the smell of his sweat making her feel safe. Everything was good until the time he left. She hoped for him to come back to see her. She was his favorite child he would not leave her…..he never came. She suddenly felt naked; she tried pulling her clothes to cover her nakedness. The elderly man sitting in front of her was staring at her. In him, she could see the same expression as she saw in her Poppy’s face when he held her. She felt guilty, sad, and remorseful for being what she was now, she wanted to get up and tell him that under the loud clothes and makeup the child was still alive, that she has a heart. Emotions flooded her mind, she looked at him, and tears rolled down. She could feel his expressions change. He has come back…Poppy has come back…..Don’t leave me Poppy… He got and came close to her. She moved and he sat next to her. She cried out loud repeating”I’m sorry, I’m sorry Poppy”… He moved closer, moved his hands up her thighs and asked, “How much?”
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