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Ruby Houldson

Guardians of the Immortal Realms

Guardians of the Immortal Realms
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Published by Authorhouse
April 2004
ISBN: 1418419540
Guardians of the Immortal Realms is the second of six novels in the Guardian Series.

Christopher and Jadyn Varatoo discover more about the life they had lived 2000 years ago when they resided in the upper realms.

A series of murders are occuring across the globe and the Benevolent One's fear it is connected with the evil side...the evil vampire nation. The race is on to locate and secure The Stone of Light and Life. This Stone has the power to give light and life to any vampire who controls it. Any vampire who falls under its care will receive the power to walk about in the light of day, and even better, they can never be destroyed.

As Jadyn attempts to locate the Stone, the Evil One and his followers plunder the middle realm in order to be the first to lay hands upon it. If he succeeds, he will become powerful enough to pass the threshhold and make war in the upper realms.

A mighty battle takes place in the Valley of Fire. It is good versus evil. How will Jadyn react when she learns who was responsible for her deaths over the past seven hundred years? How will Christopher cope with becoming a vampire, again? Will he take on the guise of the vampire willingly, or will it have to be forced upon him? Just when he thought he was free, he discovers he is to be a part of the world of darkness once again.

Just what is the price one must pay when they fight for the side of right? Christopher and Jadyn learn the answer to that question.

This novel reveals more about the upper realms as well as the role of the pure vampire as they dwell in the middle realm. What sort of child did Christopher and Jadyn have? Was their son mortal, warlock, vampire, or Pure One? Become lost in the Varatoos' world and watch the couple grow stronger in power and deeper in love. Learn the answers to these questions and many more.
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Erotica , Fantasy , Historical , Mystery , Occult , Romance
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