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Shahbazz Anwerr

When In LOVE~ Episode Two.

When In LOVE~ Episode Two.
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Published by YoungTimes
June 10 2003

Episode Two.

Imaan who heard that there are some special guests tonight actually figured out that someone is coming over to see Lamha as Ahmed was talking about it a few days back. Isha'a snuggles and adds, "Are you sure? - Any guesses who this family will be who are coming to see Lamha moreover have you realized that all this Lamha-Rohail thingy will not last for long now"

"Yeah, I am even thinking about that. We girls have no life. No choice. If we obey our parents and follow a decent life our options gets so limited" Imaan sighed as she was getting ready for college..

"We have a set to-do list and that’s what we do. On the other hand the so-called-y2k+3 girls who don’t give a damn to anything are the happiest girls, so what they want is what they get." Added Isha'a to Imaan's thoughts

"I just don’t know why our sub continental mentality believes in collectivism and not in individualism. Whatever we have to do has to be in consent with our family's prestige and bla bla bla…" said Imaan in deep thoughts.

"All we could do is to watch Lamha sell her dreams to the dream merchants" completed Isha'a.

"No! I won't let this happen. Lamha has stood for me so many times, now it's my turn. I'll go and talk to Papa about it and let him know about Rohail" said Imaan.

"No Imaan, You are not going to speak to him. It can make matters worse. Firstly it's a guy from the Behzad House and secondly its you. No offense sweetie, I'll speak to him" said Isha'a in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"Yeah I guess you are right, Do speak to him. Alright Ishh, I am off to college" said Imaan on her cycle riding to the college.

Lamha reaches the desired point. There was he. Tall, handsome, sophisticated. Just like a dream. Rohail came walking with a smile on his well chiseled face.

"Hii" He said and continued, "You look pale, why?"

"Firstly tell me what's the big-news and secondly you know its not easy meeting you as it's such a small town. Almost everyone knows me and yeah above all Hii"…

"Hey! What's the matter?" Rohail asked on Lamha's nervousness.

"You tell me- What's the matter!" replied Lamha

"Fine, I love you!" Rohail said.

"I love WHAT?"

"You!" completed Rohail.

"Are you in your all god-given senses?" asked Lamha.

"Yes, I am and…."

"And what?" asked Lamha melting every moment.

"And will you marry me?" asked him.

"Will I WHAT?"

"Look Rohail, this is not a city and girls here are not what you must've seen. We are the girls who try not falling in love because if once we are in love we make history. We don’t believe in this girlfriend boyfriend thing. For us it's always the man whom we will marry will be the man we love. You came into my life and everything changed but I cannot give you a reply. I'm afraid. I don’t have the guts to tell Papa that I am in love, that too with a guy from the Behzad House" explained Lamha.

'I know Lamha, I know and I understand that is why I have come all the way from my city to propose a girl who is as pure as you. I myself don’t believe in fake a notion that is why I proposed you. And about being a Behzad, don’t forget even you are one. And we are proud to be associated to one of the most respectable families of the country" said Rohail.

"I'll be waiting for your answer" said Rohail.

"I have no reply as I have no life perhaps I need to go now" replied back Lamha.

Lamha felt she was cheating on her father. The trust that her father has is being used. What impact will Isha'a and Imaan have? - She takes out her mobile and dials home. Isha'a picks up the phone. Lamha tells Isha'a that Rohail proposed her and she had no option so she refused the proposal. Lamha started crying over the phone because the truth is that she truly loves Rohail for the past three years.

Isha'a decides to speak to Ahmed Behzad about it.

Ahmed was sitting in his room. Isha'a manages to go inside.

'Papa, Its amazing how you rebelled and married, I love- Love marriages!" said Isha'a

"What's Up Ishh are you in love- Of all emotions?" Ahmed asked.

"Oh! Never, I was just wondering what if someone from our house rebelled- How would you react?"

"Why would one rebel here?"

"That’s a good question, and I have an answer to it" said Isha'a.

"Papa- Lamha likes someone. And to be frank I guess her choice couldn’t be better. Had he been any other guy she would’ve never even considered him but He is gem of a man and that is why I am here asking you to reconsider everything" said Isha'a.

"Oh! So you've guessed it yourself that today people are coming to see Lamha, so lets forget everything" said Ahmed.

"Papa but you said you hated double standards, you believed in love and you still do but when it comes to your daughters, you guess that whatever you think will be right- May be it would be right, but may be Lamha isn’t wrong either. Trust me, if you don’t speak to her about it she wouldn’t even tell you about this guy in her life even after 25 years of her marriage to some other guy. She respects you, she loves you- Don’t use that love Papa. No Double standards- If you say, you love love- Then you shall love love" explained Isha'a.

"I guess we will talk about it after the guests leave!" said Ahmed got up and wrapped his shawl over his shoulders and walked out of the house.

Lamha returned home and was asked to get ready as some guests are expected to see her. Imaan hates this idea of a girl museum, every girl has to act like some drama queen in front of these people who if asked to act in order to be chosen to be the bride's in laws would shy away. Imaan hated the fact that girls were judged by people. It was all so pretentious. Lamha was constantly thinking of Rohail. Lamha felt like a hypocrite. She realized relationships are more than emailing each other, speaking over the phone or letting the person know you like him or her. Relationships are a commitment and somewhere she failed in commitments due to her priorities. 'Love is hence why forbidden in our society' she thought. Isha'a was just hoping that the guests who come to see Lamha are not worth her.

Suddenly two cars stop by and the blabbering of people soon sounded like a dialogue as they entered the living room.

"Isha'a come here, greet the guests" called Ahmed.

Isha'a went into the living room and was shocked for words.

Isha'a goes back into her room and tells Lamha and Imaan, "I don’t like the people; they are cheap annoying and very disgusting people. The would-be husband looks like a wannabe scientist. The groom must be some 35 years old"

Lamha was more nervous now.

Imaan said, "That’s it- If Papa takes the positive step. I am not going to stop from telling him the difference between chalk and cheese"

Lamha takes the tea and all the refreshments to the living room and she is shocked for words herself.

It was Aaminah Aunty and Haider Uncle. Aaminah is none but Ahmed Behzad's elder sister and Rohail's mother. Sitting next to them was Rohail with a nice smile and attractive attire.

"Pap-a" was what Lamha could mumble.

Isha'a and Imaan came out of the room and were now ready to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"Actually, Isha'a reminded me of how much I hate double standards and how I should always favor love marriages. Isha'a before you Rohail came up to me and spoke the truth. He even called me after he proposed Lamha and I realized how beautiful my daughters are. More than that, what I loved about Rohail was that he spoke the truth. He believed in what he was doing and hence he has it" said Ahmed and patted Rohail.

Lamha was seated next to Aaminah, and Aaminah Aunty adds, "I just am so delighted that this wedding will wipe all the previous regrets and complaints".

She then kisses Lamha's forehead and blesses her.

Lamha and Rohail exchange rings and they were fiancÚs in no time. It was a small and a sweet ceremony.

"Imaan darling, can you get me a glass of water" asked Haider uncle.

"Sure" said Imaan.

"Wait! Isha'a go get a glass of water for Haider uncle"

Lamha felt helpless now but she didn’t like the way Papa indirectly picked on Imaan.

Imaan goes into her room and is standing in the balcony, staring at the moon and lonely stars. Aaminah Aunty A.k.a Phuphoo comes in her room.

"I love your room" said she.

"Thanks Phuphoo" said Imaan.

"Imaan tell me one thing, what I saw in the drawing room now. Was it true? - I mean is Ahmed still the same man who didn’t accept you then? - "asked Mrs.Haider.

"No! Absolutely not, He loves all three of us equally. And he is so over-possessive about me may be that is why he asked Isha'a to get a glass of water. It's just a glass of water Phuphoo"

"I hope whatever you said was true but let me give you an advice child. When you can't lie, you shouldn’t even try too" saying this Imaan's Phuphoo hugged her and she closed her eyes with tears dropping steadily but she had to show the world that she is a strong girl and not a weak person or offend her own father so Imaan covered up, " I'm not lying Phuphoo"

"How come?" asked Phuphoo

"Simple! Because when you can't lie, you shouldn’t even try too" smiled Imaan.

Rohail's father Mr. Haider was all smiles and states, "Very soon will Arz and Shahryaar return from States and once they are here we will start preparing for the wedding"

"As you wish" said Ahmed.

Soon the Behzad's go away with a positive note. Lamha and Isha'a hug Ahmed for being so sweet and understanding. While Imaan just stood there looking at the other two daughters so close to the man who is also her father.

Ahmed goes into his room.

Suddenly Rohail calls on Lamha's cell so Lamha is also busy for say 2 to 3 hours.

Isha'a goes up to Imaan and says, "So! Miss-I-will-do-this-or-do-that are you happy now?"

"Oh! Hell yes! Miss-lipstick-plus-mascara-equals-to-ooh-la-la, I am thrilled and I am proud of Papa and happy for Rohail and Lamha also Sherry and Arz are coming over, it's so amazing our childhood friends are coming over, once again"

"Excuse me not "our" childhood friends Shahryaar and Arz were ''your'' childhood friends. I was always with the other group of cousins i.e. Rohail, Ibaad and Amal "added Isha'a and continues," I still remember how you three used to play pranks on us. You three used to have all the fun and attention. I even remember how you were crying when you heard about them leaving for States four years back. How old were you just 14 and today you are 19"

"Whatever don’t you dare tell me my age- Anyway It's amazing that all of us are going to be together this time around" said Imaan. "Do you have contacts with anyone?' asked Isha'a

"Hmm sort of, I meet Arz online almost daily. He keeps on telling me about the 101 crushes girls have on him and how Shahryaar doesn’t believe in relationships etc. I rarely see Sherry online. I guess he has loads of attitude but that’s just my notion about him"

"Yeah! Let him come here, I'm sure when he'll see you, he will lose his heart" added Isha'a.

Lamha who just finished the phone conversation added, "Oh! Yeah, Sherry was always a typical Behzad guy, I don’t know but he never use to tell his feelings to anyone but me, whereas Arz was always out-spoken and always got what he wanted"

"I just can't wait to see both of them" said Isha'a.

"Whatever" said Imaan..

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Fantasy , Play , Romance
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