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Shahbazz Anwerr

When In LOVE~ Episode One

When In LOVE~ Episode One
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Published by YoungTimes (www.youngtimes.com)
Begun from:- 27th MAY 200
When in LOVE…

Episode One.

The morning can never be so bright. The sunlight tears through the white chiffon curtains and enters the room filled with flowers, teddy bears and pictures- The wooden furniture and organized settings told a lot about the personality of the person living inside this room. The sunlight kisses every little object with its rays and is searching for that person without whom the sun never fulfils its purpose of rising time and again. As it is an old mythology that whenever sun raises it kisses the forehead of the most beautiful girl daily. This time 'she' got up earlier than the sun, she got of the washroom. Her hair were open and wet, with just a layer of her hair falling on the face- She places the towel neatly in the towel hanger and pulls off the curtains just to open her wide eyes and glance at the beautiful view of mountains and rivers- Yes, 'she' lived in the Northern Areas of Pakistan, the areas with beauty to its extreme. Just as "She" opens the curtains, all the beams of sun's rays brighten her face and her hazel eyes sparkle with stars within them.

It's another day in Imaan Behzad's life.

Imaan opens her door and gets out of her cozy room only to find that her elder sister Lamha is already up and is preparing for the breakfast.

Imaan inquires Lamha where Isha'a was. Lamha replies frying fresh eggs, "Array! Isha'a Madam must be asleep, the whole night she didn’t allow me to use the computer as she was so computer-involved!"

"Ahaan! And may I know why you needed the computer again last night" asked Imaan with her mischievous smile.

"Imaan, you know I also have something called work"

"Yeah keep on playing these mind games with me, I know everything"

"Yeah right, now can you go and wake that girl there!" said Lamha pinching a little bit of salt in her dialogue and also on the eggs.

Imaan gets into this room, all messy. At one section of the room are worksheets, books and more books and the other section had clothes and clothes and yeah some more clothes. Right fully it was the room Lamha and Isha'a shared for the time being as Lamha's room was being painted. The section with books was Lamha's place and the section filled with clothes and accessories was Isha'a's departmental store at home.

Imaan looks at Isha'a sleeping- Well with that entire face mask on her face anyone can know she is a beauty freak. Imaan shouts so loudly in Isha'a's ears that she got up to save her life and from then until Lamha didn’t come in between the two sisters they were running to get a hold of each other. These are three sisters Lamha, Isha'a and Imaan- The lives of this small h The three sisters share a very special bonding. Isha'a is just two years younger to Lamha, with Imaan being just a year younger to Isha'a "Anyway Lamha- Can you tell "us" why you needed to go online so badly yesterday night?" grinned Isha'a removing her curlers. Imaan was smiling.

Lamha started blushing and that’s when a grave voice calls and asks for the newspaper.

"Lamha, Isha'a bring the newspaper!!" re-called the voice.

It was Ahmed Behzad. Lamha, Isha'a and Imaan's graceful father.

Naturally, Ahmed was a very romantic person but after the sudden demise of his wife- Jannat Behzad, he felt a complete vicinity in his life, he had to share his loneliness but he even cant do that.... he had the responsibilities towards his daughters, and his daughters were someone whom he adored more than any one. It won't be wrong if it's said that his daughters were his lifeline. A reason to live, a reason to smile.

Ahmed Behzad was perhaps like any man- Hiding his insecurities and reasoning his helplessness at something else- someone else. These transference attitudes of Ahmed Behzad didn’t affect him but it greatly affected Imaan- The youngest daughter of Ahmed Behzad. Ahmed and Imaan are father and daughter in relation. They share this universal bond of love but, they also share a deep ugly silence between them and that is because Imaan's birth lead to Jannat's death or vice versa but it's this way Ahmed has thought of his own daughter.

But some how after the death of Jannat, Ahmed grew more and more secluded in his own imaginative world, Imaan his youngest daughter, has rarely seen Ahmed smile. And more rarely see him smile at her happiness...

It was 19 years back; Jannat and Ahmed were expecting a boy. Ahmed wanted a son badly; it was a mere wish. But to his dismay Imaan was given birth. Jannat welcomed Imaan with a smile and as she turned at Ahmed Khan- He was not smiling. Ahmed silently left the hospital room. In the corridors where little Lamha and Isha'a were standing with a hope to hear if they have a brother finally. Ahmed just walked out the corridor.

When Ahmed returned to the hospital and saw Imaan he didn't even smile and looking at his anguish face and stubborn nature, Jannat smiled and told him, "This is what the Almighty wanted And this is what we should thank upon" Ahmed silently said, "This is not what I wanted...so why should I thank him?"

Jannat was taken aback by Ahmed's reply. It was a very bad reply; it challenged her feelings towards her baby. The innocent little girl who was not welcomed by her own father. Jannat had complications in her delivery and Ahmed was aware of it, Ahmed even knew that he has to keep Jannat relaxed and happy but on the other hand he was acting as if it was Jannat's fault that she gave birth to a daughter again. Suddenly Jannat had an attack and she passed away with only memories and a small infant baby girl who was crying besides her.....as if she knew that her mother passed away......so soon!!!

That moment, Ahmed absorbed all his feelings towards Imaan.

======================================================== "Papa the newspaper man came in late" said Lamha and handed him the paper with the cup of tea.

"You know what Lamha" asked Ahmed with a smile and sipping the tea from the cup he added, "Jannat use to make tea that tastes so great and you make tea just like her"

Lamha smiles and adds, " Papa have you seen Imaan? - She just looks like Mumma. It's very freaky to see how she is just a photocopy of Mumma"

"I don’t think so, Imaan can never be Jannat. Jannat was a beautiful part of my life and Imaan is…."

"Imaan is what Papa?" asked Lamha, "Imaan is your ugly side" completed Lamha.

"Papa this is wrong, you shouldn’t do this to her!"

"Lamha I have asked you countless times to stop behaving in such a manner" said Ahmed Behzad.

"And I have asked you not to behave in such a manner even Papa, it's been 19 whole years but you register this fact as if it happened yesterday" said Lamha.

"The tea is cold, go and heat it again" said Ahmed. As Lamha was taking the cup into the room he added, "I don’t want this conversation to be repeated. You cannot understand what I feel for anyone, so don’t jump into preconceived conclusions."

Lamha knew within he loved Imaan but unexpressed love doesn’t stand any value in today's world.

Lamha enters the kitchen and saw Imaan standing with innocent eyes. Imaan saw the whole dialogue and said, " Lamha why do you have to do this?- Never say anything to what he has to say, it will hurt him more and will affect me- I'm fine by whatever he has to do with me and even with all that he doesn’t have to do with me. He is my father and he doesn’t hate me, I know that. So what if he doesn’t love me like he does to you or Isha'a but next time please don't make it too obvious that my identity itself becomes embarrassing for me" added Imaan and controlled her tears.

Isha'a got in the kitchen she had some envelopes in her hands, "Lamha, what happened?' "Nothing Ishh, It's so sad. I try hard, so hard to bring them both close, when he makes an approach she runs away, when she wants to get close he hides behind. I don’t know what sort of a father-daughter relationship is this" Lamha sighed, taking the tea from the microwave.

"Well, there are more relationships than father-daughter!!" said Isha'a in her typical tone.

"What?" Lamha asked.

"You've got mail, Meg Ryan!" added Isha'a.

"You know my inbox password??" asked Lamha shocked for words.

"Ah ah! This time your Tom Hanks sent some human delivery!!"

Imaan came out of the room as soon as she heard this.

"Did Rohail sent her something?" asked Imaan.

Lamha was shocked, "You even know", "You BOTH know"…..

"No! We are stupid enough to not know with whom you chat online, speak over the phone and all that nonsense." Added Imaan and Isha'a giggled.

"Now until when will we elaborate this comedy routine? - How about giving me what is mine?"

" Arrrrright here it goes!!" And Isha'a hands in the parcel to Lamha.

Lamha takes the tea and gives it to Ahmed Behzad.

Next thing that this girl-in-love does is that she locks herself in Imaan's room in order to check what lies beneath err…within the parcel.

Imaan and Isha'a were having their breakfast that Lamha opens the door and is all blue. The expressions of her face were all numb.

"What's the matter?" asked Isha'a and Imaan together.

"He is here!"

"He? - Who he?" asked Imaan

"Sigmund Frued's brother" replied Isha'a and added, "Of/course Rohail is here, who else is the "He" in her life dumb"

"Really? – Is Rohail here from Karachi?!" asked Imaan.

"Yes, and he wants to meet and discuss something important!!" added Lamha.

"May be he has a girl friend, or may be he is getting engaged!!" said Imaan biting her lips and that typical mischievous smile.

'Oh Imaan will you stop talking" said Lamha and continued, "I'm so nervous. This is such a small town, how am I supposed to meet him? - And what if Papa comes to know?-

"Oh yes, I still remember Papa repeating that None of my daughters will get married to any Behzad boy in the family- In Short, No chance", said Imaan.

"Didn’t she ask you to stop talking" reminded Isha'a and continued," Well; you go and meet him and find out what's the matter. The rest we will decide later on, now don’t get worried and get ready. Oh! By the way if you need make up, you know where to come!!"

Lamha goes inside the room and starts getting ready.

Ahmed Behzad comes into the hall from the lawn. Isha'a and Imaan both greet him he just replies a "Good morning Isha'a" and Imaan is neglected for about the countless-th time.

"Isha'a, I have a secret to share" he tells.

Imaan got the hint; she got up and went into her room.

"Yes, Papa what's the news?- Planning to get married!!" smiles Ishh.

"Oh! Yes…"

"What!?" she shrieked.

"Actually just set the house and everything tonight, we will be having some special guests- If you know what I mean!" said Ahmed Behzad and left for the morning walk on the crispy roads of the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

Isha'a was silent.

Is Papa really serious? Is he getting married?!

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Fantasy , Mainstream , Play , Regional , Romance
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