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Gyakutenno Megami

On the Seventh Day He Rested

On the Seventh Day He Rested
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On the seventh day He rested

and He ain't rested since

First there was that mess up

between the woman Eve and the Snake

Then Cain and Able got into it

and that turned into a wake

Then there was that city

full of degenerates

Who sought to create another page

In the book of life eternal

for themselves and their

abomoninable ways

He got so mad at one time

He searched for a man so true

to the Word he had passed around

to begin collecting two by two

The insects and the beasts of prey

They'd aoon be on their way.

The storm clouds gathered,

The lightning cracked, the thunder roared It rained and

rained and rained and rained for forty days or more

When the storm clouds finally ended

and the dove found a pretty green leaf

They planted and soon the harvest came

with food for their empty plates

To feed the men and animals

So that they may reproduce once more

and not forget to heed the Word

or once more take up the sword.

He sent His Son to Bethlehem

to put them to the test

Had the world really forgotten

His Word, Oh what a mess.

Pontias Polot was the judge

Who handed out the fate

To the Son of the One

Who loved us so

His Life he would have to take.

He gave His life so willingly

Forgiving all the sins

of the ones who hammered the nails

and the one on the side of Him

But most of all for the rest of us

Left to roam His precious world

Who hope someday to come to the gates

Where the pages of the book unfurl

And hear the words of The Mighty One

Saying " Come on in My Friend

Jesus, My Son, gave His life so you

Could enjoy this joyous End.

by Adrain Desaire

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