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WY Leung


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I was once told by a linguistics professor that "breakfast" is a compound word that translates into what you'd want your morning meal to be.. a fast break. Personally, I find it to be anything but that. I don't plan to challenge the very idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In fact, a large portion of my endless list of favorite food falls into the category of breakfast food. Eggs (hard boiled, soft boiled, sunny-side up, scrambled, omelet), bacon, bagels, French toast, Sausage n' Egg McMuffin, hash brown. For a taste of the Oriental, congee and deep-friend breadstick, chow mien, sticky rice with soybean drink. For beverages, milk, OJ, coffee, tea, coffee mixed with tea. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it take an average of at least ten minutes to prepare any combination of the above list to make up what can be considered a wholesome meal? And wouldn't it take even longer to consume it? If one wants to do it right, breakfast is nothing fast. Alright. Breakfast doesn't translate to "fast break", it really means "to break a fast". Besides telling you how legitimate my University degree is, this also explains why the meal is stretched and crucial. Can't help but mention here. My all time favorite place for breakfast food would have to be Eric's Kitchen, a small eatery located downtown Toronto. Their specialty: eggs Benedict, with your choice of smoked salmon, asparagus, bacon, ham, grilled chicken or what-not to go in the middle, and an unlimited supply of hollandaise sauce. The owners claim that their specialty is meant to be served as a bunch, that's why the portions are rather larger. And it does provide more than enough nutrition to keep you energized for half a day. The later half of the day, that is. The walk back to my car was tedious carrying that load of food in me. When each serving means extra-large eggs Benedict and the rest of the plate the size of a roulette wheel filled with fresh fruit salad and pan fried potatoes, Eric's specialty might as well be served as a brunner.
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