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Ruby Houldson

Guardian of an Immortal Soul

Guardian of an Immortal Soul
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Published by 1st Books
June 2003
ISBN: 1-4107-4597-X
Jadyn Rina Hannan, (God has heard the cry for mercy), has lived seven times. The year is now 2000 and she once again searches for the man that haunts her dreams...the man from her past. She is a writer in her present lifetime but in the past she was a Guardian of Souls in the upper realms...and a witch of sorts. Christopher Andrew Varatoo is a one thousand year-old vampire. His present occupation is as a fireman. He was once a pure one and the Guardian of the Hall of Souls in the seventh realm. One day he made a grave error that cost him his status and he was thrown to earth to live as a man. Not in the Great One's plans, he was crossed over into the world of the vampire and became evil for a time until he learned that the life of a killer was not what he desired or longed for. He searches for something or someone he lost many years past. They find each other once again for the seventh time in seven hundred years. Jadyn must return to Christopher that which she possesses...his immortal soul. Together they must discover the secret to the ritual that will take Jadyn's cry for mercy to the feet of the Great One...the cry for mercy for the vampire. If they are unsuccessful, she will die once again and await the time she will be reborn in order to try and make the ritual a success. During their search for the secret to the ritual, they discover who they once were and why they were cast from the upper realms. They discover the origin of the vampire and their role on earth...the middle realm. In the process, they find that 'love' is what imprisoned them into their present state and that 'love' is what will free them. Will they be successful? Will Jadyn's cry for mercy reach the feet of the Great One...and will He listen? A sequel to this novel, "Guardians of the Immortal Realms" is now completed and ready for release in the late summer of 2003. A third "Guardians of Immortal Humanity" is ready for release in the fall of 2003.
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Adventure , Fantasy , Gothic , Historical , Occult , Romance , Suspense , Women's
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