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Gyakutenno Megami

Water Falls - Short Story - Poetry

Water Falls - Short Story - Poetry
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Seeing this beautiful waterfall...brings tears to my face Reminds me of memories...I long to touch your face

I close my eyes...I can almost smell the breeze...feel the touch of your hand...see the smile you always gave me

This waterfall brings more to mind...

Like it...my love is stronger and will run through any thing that intertwines

It will last longer...stand through the test of times

Shower you...refresh your mind.

It is beautiful and in its purest forms...like this waterfall...my love will surly flow to the valleys that run below

Over and around...every rock and bend...it will keep going...my love see's no end

And with its misty breeze...my love will flow...until it reaches you...and surrounds your body so...

Close your eyes...my love...take my hand, travel with me through the water fall...let there be no end...

For my life…my love...never ends

It will travel...even through the sands

Like the waterfall you see above...it will

continue...forever...with your love

And then you were gone

I slowly closed my eyes as tears rolled down... down my cheeks. I could feel my heart pound, pound so very hard. I felt week... couldnt even speak. My emotions overwhelmed me...made me fall to my knees and then i new you were gone...taken from me. In a flash...i didnt even see. How can i hold on? Stand on my feet? Who will i turn to...when i have a need? Owe my lord what have you done to me? Taking him away...the pain runs so deep. I awoke today with you on my mind. Seems i carry on with your memories. . . just to pass the time. Looking through the window....i can see the sun. How can it shine so bright...know that you are gone? I saw the doctor yesterday he says its going to be alright, perscribed me some pills to help me through the nights. But still i cant sleep if im not holding you tight. I felt so cold sqeezing my pillow yet the sweat poured from me as i tossed and turned...as i didnt sleep. I no your gone...though its still hard to believe. It happen so fast it took my breath from me. I look to sky to talk with you one last time. To tell you i love you and your never leave my mind. And just for a moment... I thought I heard his voice...softly whispering my name. A calmness came over me...but it will never again be the same. ...How easily a life can be taken away...

(This was written for a friend of mine who broke his kneck diving in a pond...soon after God decided it was his time to go.)

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