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Abhilasha Dutta


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2.April 2003
Memories The school year is about to end and I will be graduating from college in a months time .Sounds weird! Sounds funny! Sounds remarkably untrue. Me! Who would have thought that I would ever graduate from college. Oh well, I am not dumb or anything, its just that I am more interested in other important things .You know boys, makeup and stuff. For me graduation was something that you did only if you didn't have anything better to do. Don't get me wrong, after all who wanted to leave the safe corners of college and enter the big bad world and why? Most people would have said -- for money! Well, that is one thing that I have never had to worry about because you see my parents are quite rich and my grand parents are even richer. And as I am their only grand child they plan to leave their entire property to me. And I am glad about it. The money I mean. Not that I like being an only child but as they say, 'you can never miss something you have never had!!' Anyways, I will be graduating soon! Now that it is about to happen I am quite worried about what am I going to wear. Not at the graduation of course but later on at the big party and many others that are to follow. As I am about to enter the adult world, my parents have arranged for these parties so as to welcome me into the circle. Boy, am I not glad! Oh well, before I drift any further from the topic, what was I going to wear for the party? Uh! You may think that this girl is getting so desperate about the party; she definitely hasn't attended many parties in her life. Hey, I am glad to tell you that you are wrong, This is not the case here I am so worried because this is going to be a special party as there is this cute looking guy whom I admire a lot and he is going to come and I want to look my best for him so that he likes me and we could get together and you know !!Well, now you may be wondering about my not having a boyfriend...of course I do have one but my folks think that he is too old for me and so I have to move on which suddenly reminds me that the other day when I went shopping with him, he chose this crimson red dress for me and let me tell you this that I hate red. But just to please him, you know how it is, I bought that dress and to my utter disappointment my mom liked it and said that I would look great in it. But I am just going to forget the whole thing because I and red never go together. So, now-a-days, I have been spending all my free time looking around. I even tried some of my mother's old clothes because as they say 'Fashion like history, repeats itself '.I asked my best friend since kindergarten, but she was too upset over some silly fight with her boy friend to think about the dress. And they say,í A friend is someone you can turn to day or nightí. Imagine her thinking about her boyfriend when I have this big problem dancing over my head. How true it is that some people are just interested in themselves. Yesterday, when I was going to choose the diamond earrings that my dad wanted to give me as a graduation gift, I crossed this great looking female on the tube. Well, I usually don't move around by the tube but as our chauffeur had his doctor's appointment, I had to go alone. Yeah, of course I do drive but my dad usually doesn't like the idea of me driving around. Oh, I don't blame him for it, who would like it after paying for the hell lot of tickets that I keep getting. So ,like I was saying, I was in the tube with this great looking female who was glancing through some kind of a magazine and usually the moment I look at a book or a mag, something happens and my eyesight fails .I can't help it but I have to turn my eyes in another direction. Anyways, yesterday there was this guy sitting on the opposite side and believe me he was cleaning his ears...can you imagine, in public!!! So, I couldn't look on the other side and had to keep looking at the girl and her magazine and then all of a sudden I saw it, it was like as if the world stopped for a second and I was all alone with the dress staring at me from the pages of the magazine. I just couldn't believe it, it had the best of the design with a great look... it looked just as if it was made for me. I could already imagine myself in it, looking my best and talking with ease to the handsome dude I am nearly in love with. Suddenly, there was this jolt bringing me back to the world, the train had stopped and with no prior warning she just got up and left! For a sec, I didn't know what to do and then I ran after her but it was too late for she had already disappeared in the ever moving crowd. I just didn't know what to do, because no matter what, I just had to get the name of the designer. Oh, how could I have been so stupid...can you imagine that, I had let opportunity slip out of my hands. Somehow, I made it to the jewelerís store. I must have looked bad because my dad asked me again and again what the matter was but there was no use telling him. You know how men are!! My dad drove me back home and bought me flowers and that usually brightens my day but not today, I was too upset. Today, I needed something else!!! Maybe mom would have the solution. I was right, mom said it would be good idea to buy all the fashion mags for this month and most probably I would find what I was looking for. Never in my entire life had I turned through so many pages with so much of interest...and genuine interest. But as luck would have it, I just didn't come across that one particular dress. That was definitely one of the most difficult moments of my life. I was upset, my parents were upset and I had no idea what was I going to do. My mom suggested going over to the designer complex and choosing something over there but no, I only wanted that one dress that I had pictured my wearing. You won't believe this that for one crazy moment my dad decided to set up a prize for it and put it in the papers but then his head won over his heart and he dismissed the idea which made me feel even more heartbroken than ever. My seamstress suggested that I tell her how the dress looked like and she would produce something like that but I didn't want something like it, I wanted the one and only dress. No matter how many fashion mags we looked through we weren't coming to what I wanted. In the end, I just kept myself from thinking about it. But, yes I did pray and for the first time in my entire life I asked for something. I believed that if God had put the idea of me liking the dress in my head, he was definitely going to provide it from somewhere. So great was my faith that I never did once look at the other dresses for I knew I will get what I wanted because that is what God also wants. I was growing in my faith so much so that even my mom got worried. Days passed and my graduation day came nearer and nearer but I wasn't worried for I believed in Him and then it was the D-day!!! GRADUATION .As we stood there all fifty of us, all I could think of was about the big party the next day and how I will have my dress waiting for me when I get back home. It was just as if I had been drugged for I just walked through everything thinking about my prince and me in my beautiful emerald green dress. By the time we reached home, it was quite late because of the celebrations but I was not tired. How could I be!!! I ran into the house but there was nothing there. ďOh well, maybe itís in my roomĒ I thought, but to my disappointment it wasnít there. I was starting to get worried but decided to check in my parentís room. God I just couldnít believe itÖthere was no sign of it. It was as if lightning had stuck me, I just sat there thinking. It may have been hours later or maybe minutes, I donít remember when my mom came into the room, she sat next to me and everyone knows how soothing a motherís touch can be, so before I could stop myself, I burst into tears. I told her what had happened and probably she herself didnít know what to do but suggested me to wear the red dress for the party. But like I have said before red is definitely not for me, so I immediately refused. Having left to no other choices, my mom suggested that we could design something ourselves. Well, when my mom says something about designing or cooking, we (me and my dad) immediately run from there because we know that she is thinking of something Asian. Hey donít get me wrong we arenít from the continent but my mom had this silly friend in college who was from the Indian subcontinent and she taught my mom all weird Indian curries and embroidery and stuff and believe me that is one thing about my mom which I dislike. Not that I hate Indian culture but I donít also like it very much!! Usually when my mom starts talking about her Indian talents, I start thinking of ways of avoiding her but I couldnít do that today as I didnít have many choices and tomorrow was the big day. Anyways, my mom decided we could do something like tye Ėn Ėdye. I know it sounds as if you just have to tie something around your neck and die but thatís not the case here. For those who donít know what that means I will explain itÖ. You are supposed to take up a clean cloth (usually white, because then you have many more options for dyeing it) and then you are supposed to tie a thick thread around it in any manner you like, after this you are supposed to put it in the color you wish to dye it with. Leave it there for some hours and then let it to dry, after that you remove the thread and Praise the Lord, there is a design there because the thread protects the cloth from getting colored and you can make many designs in this manner!!! Well, according to me the idea was ridiculous but in the eyes of my seamstress it was a wonderful idea. So while my mom and the seamstress got down to business, all I could think of was how will I ever face my prince tomorrow? They didnít have anything around so they just grabbed what was available Ė a grey and pink combination which looked more like purple mixed with it. Can you imagine my plight when I looked at it; I knew that even if they turned it out into a dress I will never ever wear it!! They must have worked for the entire night tying and dyeing and designing because I could hear noises throughout and my mom looked tired the next morning. In the afternoon while everyone else got dressed for the party, I didnít know what to do and I was seriously thinking of staying in my room and not going to the party. Anyways, just out of sheer curiosity, I walked into the room where my seamstress was working and there seeing her darning something, I looked at it. Although there were some finishing touches left to be done, it was the best dress that I had ever laid my eyes upon!! It was simple yet elegant, cheap yet beautiful, unusual yet outstanding, it was unique and the best. I couldnít stop myself from trying it and it was just as if we were made for each other. Now I knew what I wanted to wear for the party. My mom looked pleased and asked me to get dressed and soon it was me waiting for my prince. He arrived, looking more charming than ever with his eyes twinkling and his face smiling and telling me that I looked beautiful. When we danced, he whispered into my ears that I was the most beautiful thing that he had ever seen. It was love talking and soon enough we fell in love and then got married later on. But that day I learned an important lesson, you can learn a lot from other peopleís culture. Guess what would have happened if it had not been for my tye-n-dye dress. Now, years later that grey and pink dress still hangs in my closet and is one of my dearly treasured memories.
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