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Gyakutenno Megami

Distant Places

Distant Places
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I hear sounds of chimes in my head. A peaceful breeze blows ahead. Surrounds my body. Mind so; take me away I want to go! Off into never, never land. Where dreams come true. Imagination is at hand. So, I can feel free as the moon rises up. Let me feel free; let nothing stop us.

Gloom I feel. Shadows all around me constantly breathing down my neck ... some how I think, they may not entire like this.

Feeling my soul moving off the ground, moving forever around through time with out a sound. Feeling so dizzy from the escape, feeling energy rushing though my veins I start to panic and look around. Seeing no escape I just give in. High from the clouds I can see what lies with-in.

I am amazed! Rushing down to swipe a glimpse. Images of a beautiful night forest full of life. Full of lurking predators...but not living as we are. Not of the animal, type as well. No instead, it is of the dead!

Lost souls trapped by desires, cold and awake for endless hours. Caught by this earth to never go. Free... as we would wish it to be in our human minds that are filled with ever lasting pictured memories we are taught all through life. Home to heaven like it was promised to be. Roaming around here with in the trees. Making the leaves blow at me...asking me to leave.

Still, I hear the chimes blow hard but the dark beauty here is pushing me along. I don't want to leave. I want to see them carry on. It takes my breath away as I look around. Not really recognizing anything, including the sounds. Seeing what I see...

What do I see?

Winds were picking me up at speeds unknown. Thrashing me around, faster than any earth winds alone. Blowing me back from where I came from. All is quite. All is gone. I feel the wind around me no more.

I open my eyes once again. To see images lay at hand. A calming light that appears with in my sight. It was almost blinding and hurt my delicate eyes. With a powerful color of daisy yellow. Gently pulling me back to the lower levels.

Must be the sunlight. Rising before me...I loved it so. Felt the warmth of it on my body as I lifted off the ground. Brushing my hair back, seeing all that is around. Glad to be on the ground. Away from the dream, I had found.

Why did I love it so? Asking my self this question. I did not know. Perhaps it was a place that was unknown, which captured my mind's interest. Made me think back...wonder if it was reality or my imagination ...

...still chills run up my back...

****To be continued

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Adventure , Experimental , Fantasy , General , Gothic , Mystery , Other , Poetry , Short Story , Suspense , Young Adult
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