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Gyakutenno Megami

Inner Child Desires

Inner Child Desires
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There was this man and women I knew. Lived in separate environments too. One, a shady old house leaning a little to the side, slightly tilted from a birds view fly. The other...a big yellow house in the neighborhood desired. Both had dogs...you’d figure this to be true . . . one it was a whole farm...like nothing I ever new. With animals everywhere, a child’s delight, certainty high expectations in sight. Make there eyes perk up...even in the middle of the night.

Back to the story of the other one's side, pretty true but full of hatred inside. Must be I thought, as I watch memories pass by. Cranky, of a man...especially in the mornings...when the dew is dry. Stomping you’d hear and a GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRR besides....

Nothing of a child’s desires...but the house...this is true. A-shame, we feel inside.

What of this woman, we left behind? I’m not done with her it is scary inside; your eyes can never hide.

Kind, they are as odd as it would seem. But of only their choosing, you’re lucky to be seen.

Still a child’s desire...love in any form ...their sad little desires.

She works real hard and when the day is done... She expects the waiting hand of all she loves. Demanding when the can falls dry. She will become "Mean" if not properly respected in her life...even if her time had not yet come...she will interrupt to make sure the job is done. If you push your luck in an instant she'll come. Fighting, ranging mad...in the heat you'll see it come. In the flash of the raging sun...or so it seems when she is done.

WOW your say to your self... the first "meet" of the run. The eyes of the devil...piercing sight she gathers pleasures...

"Not sure whether you wish to meet her later? Trust me, you might wish to wait till later. When she's older and no longer able, think of destruction missed as you ponder this equation.

I smile as I think of this in "sight". From my musical film projection running through my mind, Cartoon character kids come to mind. Still though...she has a kind side. Would probably die for the loves in her life. Kill if the time is right. Smile later.... giggle as she drives by. Remind all who are with in sight of past judgments she passed, clearly in her mind. Of her delight...and pleasures if you get on her "bad" side. Even if she is not entirely right.

Sad is the view from my eyes. She misses so much in life. Because, she will not be "taken" twice in this ridged life full of despite...her memories pass by. At least not by the same person for whom she despised earlier in life...tragedy behind her eyes, a never ending descries she hides.

Though the other, the man, is not so wise. He can be taken more than twice. A kid with a man eyes never growing up inside. To look at him you wouldn't be so wise. You wouldn’t know he lacks in attention when it comes to the morning light. Lazy, is the case when it comes to his desires. He'd rather complain than set foot to make any of it right.

He miserably sleeps in the moon light hours. As well as the daytime, popping pills to fill the desires. Ashamed I know he feels inside. So sad but no tears are shed. Sorry if this lacks in care. But I’ve known him for years he is not exactly a "nice man". Though...I am rarely ever seen. Unless he’s drunk, falling down then he is a never-ending moan of constant sounds.

Funny, from my projection, seen clearly in my mind. Sad the reality is...when it comes to mind.

So it’s true he'd never hit a lady. But as big as he is...he is always screaming crazy! Loud and rude...lets not forget about the vulgar mouth, stomping I think, is the only way he goes about.

Defiantly, I'd say not a child’s desires. They would run away... hide...cry in the moon light hours. Good that he has no spawn of his own. Then the devil would surly be born. Or so I think in these passing hours. As I sit here and ramble on in a timeless fashion. Not caring if the moon is passing. Giggle with each thought...though the reality is really so very rough...sad and tough. But to bad it can’t be undone. It It seems it destinies plan and it has already won.

Sad I think watching the moonless hours pass bye. There’s an emptiness he feels inside. Never seems to fill… he only lacks desire…a place to set roots or so they say. A charming house out in the country hill, still close to town and walking moonless hours, partying endless hours.

Walking with his old, dependable dog at his side. Spiting as cars passing pass the trees protected by …

…to be continued…

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Experimental , Fantasy , General , Humor , Other , Picture Books , Poetry , Short Story , Women's , Young Adult
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From: Kimberly Bird (doctorjackson_sg1@hotmail.com) 2003-06-18

Woo it all rhymes... That musta been hard huh? :) Very nicely done.