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Ann Gray

BRIARS: The House of Heirs

BRIARS: The House of Heirs
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August 15, 2002
ISBN: 0-7596-9514-8
A respectable Southern Family endures invasion of their home by a "burning team" from Sherman's Union Army seeking billet for the night. During the Civil War, in the last days of the burning of Atlanta, with their men still away fighting a losing battle, four aritocratic women, caught in a web of circumstances, suffer through a hellish dawn. Then with the help of an old Negro man and a teenage boy, they decide to wage a private war of their own. Thus begins the story of the Heirs family, gallant pioneers who, with other workers for the Western and Atlantic Railroad, tame the rugged North Georgia wilderness, founding the crossroads village of Terminus, later to become Marthasville, and finally to be incorporated into the city of Atlanta.
Historical , Romance
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From: Ann Gray (annsgray@cfl.rr.com) 2002-11-17

Here are a few readers' comments: I'm not a reader but I read the first page of your book out of curiosity, then I stayed awake for two nights finishing the entire book. R. White, Austell, GA Your book, "Briars" is going to be the next "Gone With The Wind". Take my word for it! I loved it. The era's history is woven into the story so naturally. It's about real people and it will touch every reader's heart as it did mine. When they make it into a movie, who do you see as Morgana and Lillian? J. Bullard, Marietta, GA We are so proud of you. We always knew you were a gifted writer and so now the world will know. We loved the story. M. A. & J. R. Wright, San Diego, CA I wanted to move right in and be part of that family, I loved them so. D. M. Vail, Peachtree City, GA Great insights into Civil War life. Thanks for letting God use your writing talents. J. Putting, Minister, Ormond Beach, FL I found myself in the heart of the families' struggles for survival during the troublesome times of the Civil War era. Thoroughly enjoyable, once started, I found it captivating and hard to put down. S. Gil, Bakersfield, CA I have finished "Briars" and I'm ready for the sequel! I hated for it to end. I always read slowly and really become part of the story. Couldn't wait until I got home to let you know I had finished it and loved it! K. Parrish, Aboard ship, in the St. Lawrence, Canada Meticulously researched, beautifully written, a gripping tale of the Old South. Ann Gray is a splendid writer. Being a native Georgian I appreciate the detail with which this tale of a family is told, evoking nostalgic recollections of days gone by that have been related to us by our elders whose predecessors lived in those eras. The history of Southern people has not been delved into deeply enough in previous writings, with the exception of "Gone With The Wind", and this story will help to let present generations know the magnitude of events that transpired in the past. It is a learning experience as well as an entertaining one. Do read "Briars"! D. and S. Barber, New Smyrna Beach, FL I really enjoyed the tale. I became interested in the principals at once and was anxious to find out what happened next. I thought the characters were developed nicely, and that they remained true to their natures. And I am very impressed in your ability to create many characters (major and minor) and develop them all interestingly. Congratulations. My interest remained strong throughout. For me, fiction is a luxury that I rarely allow myself to indulge, because I have so much business reading to do. So I require high interest. I did not read this entire novel only because my friend authored it. I was absolutely entertained for its duration. M. W. Cropsey, Nashville, TN To my NEW favorite Author: I like your style! Thanks for a good book -- when can we hope for the sequel? From one little ole (term used loosely here) Southern girl to another, thanks, y'all! L. Brundage, Ormond Beach, FL I liked the book when I started it. The more I read the better I liked it. By the time I finished it, I loved it! I didn't want it to end! K. Wrenn, Holly Hill, FL