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Jim Harris

"Coming Home to the Motherland: A Journey from Self-Hate"

"Coming Home to the Motherland: A Journey from Self-Hate"
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COMING HOME TO THE MOTHERLAND: A JOURNEY FROM SELF HATE By Jim Harris Philosophy, humor, music, culture, spiritual evolution – all from a human being with unique perspectives and a universal experience to share… COMING HOME TO THE MOTHERLAND: A JOURNEY FROM SELF HATE is the life story of Jim Harris, an actor, poet, musician, trade unionist and college professor, whose 22- year encounter with Africa offers a wealth of enduring wisdom. From his boyhood in the American South and early days in the US Air force, to his experiences in Africa during Zimbabwe’s independence and South Africa’s democratic transformation. Coming Home to the Motherland is an extraordinary chronicle of the Black experience. With humor, incisive intellect and a joyful spirit, Harris takes readers on a remarkable odyssey of politics, music, the arts, class consciousness and racial and cultural identity that is uniquely relevant to our modern world. The theme of returning to Africa is deeply embedded in the African American psyche. From the founding of Liberia and Marcus Garvey’s “Back to Africa” movement, to Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance, and Alex Haley’s influential television series “Roots,” African Americans have longed to recover the inner seed of identity that is intimately bound to the Motherland. The very impulse within gospel, blues, jazz and R&B - as irrepressible as the soul of a people - lies at the heart of the desire to fulfill this inherent yearning. African Americans are currently witnessing unprecedented influence in the Motherland and gaining a broader perspective on our journey as an African people, In Coming Home to the Motherland one finds a richness and beauty as vast and inviting and heart warming as the continent itself. In contrast to journalistic or academic accounts, Coming Home to the Motherland is grappling with a personal tale, conveyed with insight, authenticity and a vulnerability that is at once deeply emotional as well as educational. Unlike KeithRichburg’s controversial book, “Out of America,” Coming Home to the Motherland is more organically connected to both the African American experience and to Africa. In this way Coming Home to the Motherland is a powerful, wide-reaching statement about African American culture and its creativity, its unique character and self- actualization. Jim Harris, political activist, trade unionist, university professor, philosopher and modern day Cross-Culturalist, has returned to the United States. He has a great deal to share as an actor, writer, lecturer, musician, humorist and story teller. There is no one else quite like…Jim Harris If you would like for Jim to speak to your group, school, church, library, or business, please contact Jim Harris & Associates 2456 Gilbert Ave. Suite 7 Cincinnati, Ohio 45206-2587 (513) 872-0574 Email: harrisj587@aol.com
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