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Louise Karczmarz

Quando Angelus Vagit

Quando Angelus Vagit
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Published by http://www.ebooks.uk.net
6th October 2002
Older than any one man’s memory, he walked the Chicago streets alone, searching. Having watched the growth of humanity for an age, the transfer from teacher to active agent was a shock to the system. Information and emotion flooded his senses from all over the world; the vibrant colours and fast track life in comparison to his home left him bewildered. He sat down on the sidewalk next to the telephone booth dizzily; he placed his hands over his eyes and began to think about the task. Buildings towered above him on both sides, already the roads were busy with cars and buses, and the city streets were a barrage of noise and tightly packed people. Claustrophobia of the soul began to set in, he marvelled at how any soul no matter how strong could endure the restrains of this lifestyle – ‘or did they just not see it?’ Blue felt Coat tails brushing against the pavement, long dark hair, loose from any constraint spilled over his neck resting at the centre of his back. A white shirt, and stylish informal black slacks covered his lithe muscular form ‘What do you want from me in this place?’ he thought. ‘I cannot see the woods for the tree’s here,’ Businessmen and women, shoppers and families hurried through the streets, not one stopped to see if the man was all right, in fact, no one noticed him at all. (For more information see either ebooks.uk.net or Louise's home page http://www.geocities.com/anient_earle/index2.html )
Fantasy , General , Occult , Religious , Young Adult
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