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Ronni Marcus


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Published by Orion...Splash Magazine
The HAMYS: That's The Spirit! By: Ronni Marcus We love to classify and categorize everything including political views, socio-economic status, religion, race, educational level, and genres of music. Labeling everything and everyone creates divides and highlights our differences. Time is of the essence to find commonalities or ways in which humans are alike. There are more inherent similarities in humans than there are differences. Think about it...We all bleed red, we all pee in the morning, we all put our shirts on the same way. (If we're lucky enough to own a shirt.) Get the picture, we all cry, we all die, and we all lie. Some of us are even fascinated with living and others are too AFRAID TO FEEL. Just listen to the lyrics or song titles of today's music, for example, NO WAY OUT, BLOODSUCKERS, HELL IS HOME, I WANNA BE SOMEBODY ELSE, WE'RE ALL SO EMPTY, WE'RE ALL MESSED UP, STARVING FOR TRUTH, CAN YOU TAKE IT ALL AWAY, SHOVE IT IN MY FACE? I feel many artists in the 21st century are sending a clear message of societal dysfunction through their lyrics. These reality-based lyrics are an imperative expression of inherent societal truths. How brave is that! Likewise, there is music that has commonalities despite its classification in a particular music genre. I classify this music as SPIRIT MUSIC given its common theme. (If I used the word spiritual, many would conclude immediately that I was a tree hugger, damn liberal, new age hippie, or whatever) Spirit Music sends a message of hope and a vision for a better world, which is found in every genre including soul, reggae, Punk, rap, rock, metal, country, jazz, blues, Native American music, etc. This new vision encompasses collective thought that addresses the hurt, pain, and anger people feel. Spirit music makers explore the issues and pitiful plight of their fellow man because they realize that violence and abuse is merely a result of learned behavior. They rise above it through visualization and creative expression. Perhaps the power of music can transform our shallow universal mindset if we just COME TOGETHER and connect for the purpose to help heal others. Even Madonna says MUSIC MAKES THE PEOPLE COME TOGETHER. It's innate to create. Music and other creative endeavors serve as appropriate objective messengers that send notes of hope. I so admire artists that haven't been beaten down to a pulp and continue to serve as a voice for humanity. Next time you hear our collective SOUL SINGIN maybe it will be A BEAUTIFUL DAY...you won't want to LET IT GET AWAY. DO THE BEST WITH EVERYTHING YOU CAN. EVERY LITTLE THING IS GONNA BE ALL RIGHT! Warning...(The following may be 'out there' to many.) Oh well, imagine the music in 2202...Will it sing of the world 's ability to harness natural energy sources or mention utilization of a universal code of conduct? Perhaps in the year 2202, when mankind reflects on this current era, the lesson will be to remember how hate, violence, abuse, hunger, and homelessness should never again be repeated. Its just spirit, no need to fear it! If I had another type of spirit at this time, I would make a toast to some highly creative bands...HEB=Highly Evolved Bands, that I personally had the honor to join recently in spirit only. (For the band's sake...no invitations on stage...it may be hazardous to the listeners) IF ONLY I COULD BE LIKE THAT! GROOVE YARD: Michael's music is forever Young! Perfect example of blending many genres into unified and fresh sound including rock, jazz, alternative, and more. How did you make that rocket/bomb sound, anyhow? I really couldn't move as I watched them groove. cmorjazz@yahoo.com. RIP DIZZY: I swear, I wasn't ripped. Dizzy? Rip Dizzy kicked arse! EL KABONG: Gary, for a drummer, your singing was SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL. www.beachboy.com. SCOOBY SNACK: Acoustic originals and cool favorites. scoobysnack@hamptonroadsmusic.com.
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